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Bradio’s Best 3 Lockdown Offerings

If you’ve been following our Japanese music coverage here at Rice Digital lately, you’ll know we love Bradio. The funky trio are known for bringing something new and different and their upbeat attitude and energy has gotten us through the last few months of… well… everything going on. As part of my effort to spread […]Read More

ONE OK ROCK will perform in London AND Manchester! UPDATE

ONE OK ROCK is one of the most successful Japanese bands to perform outside Asia. We’ll be honest here. Most fans will have already booked their tickets to see the band. But if you haven’t, or if you haven’t had the good fortune to know – ONE OK ROCK will perform in London AND Manchester. […]Read More

The GazettE Promotes New Album「DOGMA」

Visual Kei rock is not dead. The GazettE are back promoting their new gritty album,「DOGMA」, due to be released this year, on the 1st November.     They call their new concept ‘The Beginning of Ominous Year’. What this phrase actually means is anyone’s guess but it is clear that the band is returning to it’s […]Read More