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Jump Force Yoruichi and Giorno DLC confirmed by Bandai Namco

Jump Force has an unfortunate history with leaks, starting as early as the game’s beta. And now, Bandai Namco have had to confirm the last few DLC fighters due to yet another leak. Both Yoruichi Shihōin from Bleach and Giorno Giovanna from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure were accidentally made available to ‘a small number of of […]Read More

Meruem Is Joining The Jump Force Roster

The best villain in Hunter x Hunter, Meruem, is joining Jump Force as a DLC character! According to the latest issue of Weekly Jump, Meruem will be arriving this fall for PS4, Xbox One and PC, but you’ll have to wait until 2021 for Switch. Jump Force itself is due out on Switch on August […]Read More

Jump Force Coming To Switch on August 28

Jump Force: Deluxe Edition will be on Switch on August 27 in Asia and August 28 here in the west! The Deluxe Edition features the exclusive 3v3 mode which will allow you to play with 5 other people in two teams of three. The first run of the physical edition in Japan also comes with […]Read More

Jump Force Is Heading To Switch

Bandai Namco have revealed that Jump Force: Deluxe Edition is on the way to Nintendo Switch! The Deluxe Edition of the game comes with all of the characters from Character Pack 1. Character Pass 2 was also revealed, with Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia being the feature character at the moment. This pass will […]Read More

Seto Kaiba Coming To Jump Force In May!

Jump Force released recently to admittedly incredibly mixed response, but it’s undeniable that the roster of the character is intensely diverse. This is due to become even more bolstered with the DLC plan for the game being revealed, and Seto Kaiba from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series being the first arrival.   Seto Kaiba will join the […]Read More

Jump Force Closed Beta Leaks Saint Seiya

A couple of people with early access to the Jump Force closed beta have teased info on custom character move sets and costumes. Check out the video from PS360HD2 below for some examples:     Not only do these custom characters look pretty cool, but the abilities they have equipped tease an as-yet-unnanounced series for […]Read More

Jump Force Season Pass and Collector’s Edition Revealed

Bandai Namco has announced a Jump Force season pass, and a collector’s edition, that will release alongside the game next February. The season pass includes 9 yet unrevealed characters, so now we can all begin speculating who’ll be included. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Robin from One Piece!   The collector’s edition includes the […]Read More

Bleach Characters Join the Cast of Jump Force

Ichigo, Rukia and Aizen from Bleach are the latest characters to be revealed for cross-over fighter Jump Force, and a slew of new screenshots show off how they look in the game’s unique and more realistic art style. The character’s designs are based on the final arc of the manga.     Check out a […]Read More

Jump Force is Another Shonen Jump Crossover Fighter

Bandai Namco did a good job at keeping Jump Force under wraps, but Microsoft revealed it at their E3 conference and it looks like a blast! Goku, Frieza, Naruto, Luffy, Light and Ryuk debut in the trailer in a 3D fighter similar to J-Stars Victory.     Check out the trailer below! It’s in English, […]Read More