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Sainome Colosseum R English Edition Kickstarter Launched

LionWing Publishing has launched a Kickstarter campaign to release anime-themed tabletop combat game Sainome Colosseum R in English! With an adorable art style, and unique and dynamic gameplay that uses both cards and dice, Sainome Colosseum R looks like a great addition to your board game collection!   Here’s an overview of the game: The […]Read More

The Good Life Failed to Meet Crowdfunding Goals

The Good Life Fig campaign which opened a bit over a month ago failed to meet its goal. It managed to accumulate a total of $682,864 which is unfortunately quite a way off from its $1,500,000 target.       The campaign started out strong, managing to rake in over 10% in less than a […]Read More

Resident Evil 2: The Board Game Now On Kickstarter

While we are still patiently awaiting the remake of the legendary Resident Evil 2, Capcom has teamed up with Steamforged Games Ltd in order to bring us Resident Evil 2 The Board Game. The game is currently on Kickstarter and has managed to achieve its £150,000 goal in less than an hour.       […]Read More

LUCAH Kickstarter A Nightmarish Action RPG

LUCAH is an action RPG with an unsettling yet refreshing art style, where you explore an unnerving world while fighting against the creepy nightmares that lurk about. The game is currently on Kickstarter looking for funding.       It takes queue from Dark Souls. You will have to closely monitor your stamina, as everything […]Read More

Chess of Blades is on Kickstarter!

Oh, to be a nobleman! It truly is a wonderful way to live. Exquisite finery is forever at your fingertips. Delicious food and fine wine are delivered to you in abundance, thanks to helpful butlers and… Well, the butlers aren’t all that helpful, to be honest, not when they pawn off children on you to […]Read More

Project Rap Rabbit Gameplay Prototype Video Revealed

During a livestream last night NanaOn-Sha and iNiS J revealed a Project Rap Rabbit gameplay prototype video. It runs through how a rap battle exchange will work, though it is just a work in progress. It plays pretty much how it was explained in the Kickstarter, but it’s great to see in action. Take a look! […]Read More

Shenmue 3 Delayed to the Back Half of 2018

It’s not that surprising, but Shenmue 3 has been officially delayed to the back half of 2018. But, that might be for the best if it’s going to be a truly great game. Yu Suzuki even explains the delay himself in the Kickstarter update. The worry has always been whether it can live up to […]Read More

Fear Effect Sedna Free Demo Lands on Steam

After a successful Kickstarter, Fear Effect Sedna, the third installment to this notable franchise, has gotten a demo on Steam. If you are excited for this title or are just curious as to how it is shaping up you can download the demo free off Steam.     During its 30 or so minute run […]Read More

Project Rap Rabbit Fan Art Friday Launched

Project Rap Rabbit‘s Kickstarter has only been live for less than a week, but those following along on Twitter may have already noticed a deluge of fan appreciation for the game’s wonderful designs. It’s always nice to see support come in that form, and the developers are continuing to engage with fans by featuring them […]Read More

Project Rap Rabbit Early Bird Offer Revealed + Switch Target

Further to yesterday’s announcement that some of the stretch goals for Project Rap Rabbit would be changed based on feedback, we now have an update! As well as stretch goals, they’re also adding a digital soundtrack to the White Label tier, and adding an early bird digital reward for £20, with current backers being able […]Read More