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Dead or Alive 5 Bouncing to Steam Next Year

It seems that these days more and more console games are coming to steam: The Evil Within, Final Fantasy XIII, Valkryia Chronicles, The King of Fighters XIII, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extended and Metal Gear Solid V are just to name a few. Koei Tecmo has just stated that the Dead or Alive 5 Last Round […]Read More

Hyrule Warriors Review – One for the Zelda Fans (Wii

Before playing Hyrule Warriors I had never played a game in the Warriors franchise before. In some ways that might make me the worst person in the world to review Hyrule Warriors. In other ways it might make me the best. In all likelihood it doesn’t matter at all. It’s all subjective, but it’s not […]Read More

Amiibo Figures to Work with Hyrule Warriors

Amiibo. What are they? What do they do? Just where did they come from? These are just some of the questions posed by Shigeru Miyamoto the morning after the small Amiibo creatures that inspired Nintendo’s figures crawled out of their wrecked satellite on the roof of Nintendo HQ.   I can’t speak for the purpose of […]Read More

Ar noSurge streaming now – PLUS! How to get your

Hello everyone, we’re back again with a new stream, this time for Ar noSurge from Koei Tecmo which was out on Friday! So sit back and enjoy the first couple of hours of un-interrupted gameplay, as commented on by our ‘beautiful’ selves. As an added bonus, for the duration of the stream, we’re going to be […]Read More

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Review (PS Vita)

Warriors Orochi is what happens when you take the cast of Dynasty Warriors and pit them against mythical creatures, but does the new setting and otherworldly enemies shake things up much?   I’ve never played a Warriors Orochi title before, but I’ve played multiple Dynasty Warriors title so I was itching to experience the addicting […]Read More