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Top 10 Hottest Women in Video Games

These days there are plenty of great women in video games. Some of them have been the stars of some of the greatest video games of all time, such as Tomb Raider, or Horizon: Zero Dawn. But the real question is, which of these women are the hottest? Your opinion may vary, but these are […]Read More

The King of Fighters XIV PC is Coming, Beta Beginning

The King of Fighters XIV, the long awaited return of the series and the first in 3D, came out on PlayStation 4 last year. Now it’ll finally become a bit more open, with a The King of Fighters XIV PC release now announced by SNK. From the sounds of it, it’ll be coming quite soon!   […]Read More

King of Fighters CG Animated Series Announced

SNK has announced a 20-episode King of Fighters CG animated series, The King of Fighters: Destiny, which is due to release this summer. The series is getting a lot of promotion in China, and has both Chinese and Japanese voice actors listed, but specifics of when and where it will be getting broadcast have yet to […]Read More

EVO 2017 Line-Up Announced – ARMS Could Be at EVO

The EVO 2017 line-up has been announced, and it’s feeling pretty fresh! Well, most of the line-up has been announced. This time around the ninth game is being left to the players to decide from a vote. But first, let’s take a look at the games that our champions will be duking it out in […]Read More

The King of Fighters XIV Review – Is The King

In the world of King of Fighters that title is everything. Like the characters in the game who wish to claim that title, The King of Fighters XIV also has lofty goals. With Street Fighter V fumbling the ball and Tekken 7 not due out until 2017 the spot for king of the mainstream fighters […]Read More

King of Fighters XIV Demo First Look

Oscar & Peter play around with the just released The King of Fighters XIV demo from SNK & Deep Silver! The demo is out now and free for absolutely everyone on PSN. The chaps have played an early build of the game before, but here they really get to explore and have fun with what’s on […]Read More

New King of Fighters XIV Trailer Features Team Yagami: Iori,

SNK Playmore have released a new King of Fighters XIV trailer detailing the members of Team Yagami — Iori, Mature, and Vice. Those are some pretty badass names. As the Summer release date draws nearer, expect to see plenty more information coming up soon!     Iori   Iori is the last descendant of the Yagami […]Read More

Four New The King of Fighters XIV Characters Revealed

Along with showing The King of Fighters XIV at their C3 Show booth in Hong Kong, SNK have also revealed the 6th teaser trailer for the game. The trailer reveals new stages, and hefty four new playable The King of Fighters XIV characters: Terry, Maxima, Clark, and newcomer King of Dinosaurs.     SNK revealed […]Read More

New King of Fighters XIV Trailer Reveals Benimaru, Robert and

SNK have revealed a new King of Fighters XIV trailer at the Taipei Games Show, showing off more of the game and revealing that Robert Garcia, Benimaru Nikaido, and K’ will be joining the roster of 50 characters.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HwiK23wg-I   Fans were mixed when The King of Fighters XIV was first revealed, mainly because of the […]Read More

Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm Review (PC)

Yatagarasu is a series we are quite fond of. Two years ago the team behind Yatagarasu launched an Indiegogo campaign for Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm, a new and improved version of the game, with which they managed to get over $100,000. Now it’s finally time to see that version in action.     This is a 2D […]Read More