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Castlevania’s Animated Series Out This July

Castlevania’s animated adaptation is coming to Netflix in just over a month. It will be a violent and gory spectacle that is inspired by the poplar Game of Thrones series.         The story roughly follows the events of Castlevania III, where the last surviving member of the Belmont clan wants to rid […]Read More

Super Bomberman R 8-Players… After a Bit of a Struggle!

Super Bomberman R 8-Players is totally something you can do on the Nintendo Switch. By using each Joy-con “half” horizontally 8 people can play the game at once locally on one TV. It’s a lot of fun, though getting it set up took a while! ^-^;;     This is probably the rawest and most […]Read More

Bombergirl Announced at JAEPO 2017 for Arcades

Konami have announced a new 4v4 co-op arcade game, Bombergirl! As it’s not strictly part of the Bomberman series, the game has a new style and a new way to play, focusing on 4v4 co-op battles with the goal of blowing up the enemy’s base! There’ll be lots of blocks to blow up, but also […]Read More

Super Bomberman R Coming to Switch

Super Bomberman R may have been one of the biggest surprises during the Nintendo Switch reveal, not because of the game itself, but instead because of the fact that Konami is still making games.       All jokes aside Super Bomberman R looks to be an amazing multiplayer experience. The game will feature both co-op […]Read More

Holiday Heartbreak – Hudson Soft Mascot Taken Down in the

In 2012 Hudson Soft ceased to exist as a company, merging with Konami. But it still remained its own brand, publishing as an imprint from within Konami. But unsettling images captured by a Japanese blogger show the Hudson Soft mascot being taken down from their building in the new year.     What is that […]Read More

Top 17 Deals in the PSN January Sale

January’s not here yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get an early start on some juicy bargains in the PSN January Sale! There’s a great selection of games for PS4, PS Vita, and PS3, including some real gems at some veeery low prices!     The sale starts today, with most of the offers running until 20/01/2017! […]Read More

Castlevania Fan Game Gets Official Voice Actors On Board

Castlevania fan game Castlevania: The Lecarde Chronicles 2 is seeing 2 voice actors from the official Castlevania series reprising their roles. Robert Belgrade, who voiced Alucard in Symphony of the Night, and Douglas Rye, who voiced Dracula himself in Portrait of Ruin and Curse of Darkness, are lending their talents to the project.     […]Read More

Konami is Back with A New Metal Gear

Everyone thought that Konami has pulled from the gaming industry. This Gamescom they have revealed a new Metal Gear game, titled Metal Gear Survive. Can you guess what kind of game it is?   So, you thought it was a pachinko, or a mobile game. So did we, but it turns out it is a co-op shooter with […]Read More

Kojima Productions Teases New Image of Their Mascot

After Konami’s spectacular reveal of Metal Gear: Snake Eater pachislot machine, Kojima reveals a new image of his mascot with an intriguing slogan – I’ll keep coming.   It is a man wearing a mask or robot with a prosthetic face. It could even be an android. Nothing is confirmed as of yet and Kojima […]Read More