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Impatient Fan Creates His Own Final Fantasy XV

Initially showcased at E3 2006 as Versus XIII, Final Fantasy XV has been in the works for a very very long time. A Korean fan named Yang Bing has been working on a project of his own, that is very much inspired by Final Fantasy XV.     After seeing Final Fantasy XV for the first time two years […]Read More

WhiteDay Legendary Horror Game Coming to PlayStation VR

Considered by many the pinnacle of horror games, WhiteDay is a free Korean horror title from 2001. At PlayStation’s Korean Press conference, we were shown a glimpse of what the remake would look like on the PlayStation 4 using the PlayStation VR.     The original game had you walking through the corridors of school […]Read More

Halloween Month: The Coma – Cutting Class Review (PC)

October is well underway and with it the slew of new horror titles. This time we will take a look at The Coma, a new 2D horror adventure from Devespresso, a developer from Seoul, South Korea. You must escape from the most terrifying place of all – a high school.       You play as Youngho, a […]Read More

The Coma a Korean High-School Horror

October is the best month of the year for horror game fans. This month, Devespresso Games from Seoul South Korea will be bringing us The Coma, a unique Korean adventure horror game set in a high-school. The game was recently Greenlit and will be available on the 19th of October on Steam for Windows and Mac. […]Read More