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Beyond the Boundary Movie I’LL BE HERE Review (Anime)

Since reviewing the Beyond the Boundary series, I’ve become pretty fond of Kyoto Animation. The Beyond the Boundary recap movie confirmed one thing though, and that’s that this series is one of KyoAni’s weakest works. The sequel may be marginally better, but a cast of insufferable characters and a messy narrative remain.   The recap […]Read More

Amagi Brilliant Park Review (Anime)

I know I’m not the only one who has waited a long time for Amagi Brilliant Park to head to the UK but here it is at last! Kyoto Animation’s adaptation of the on-going light novel series is a good one, blending humour and a light-hearted nature that has a lot of fun with itself, […]Read More

Free! Movies are Making a Splash in 2017

Kyoto Animation’s Free! is getting three new movies later this year consisting of two compilations and one all-new original movie! The new movie, –Take Your Marks-, will take place in Spring right before the main cast graduate from high school and onto bigger things. I know I’m excited for Free! movies!   The other two Free! […]Read More

Love, Chunibyou and Other Delusions! Heart Throb Review (Anime)

I found Love, Chunibyou and Other Delusions! to be one of those shows that grew on me more long after I’d watched it. Maybe I didn’t have a Kyoto Animation-shaped hole that needed filling at one point, but I definitely have more interest in their shows now and Chunibyou is currently my favourite of theirs. […]Read More

Free Eternal Summer Review (Anime)

A Kyoto Animation show that I absolutely love?! I know what you’re thinking, you’re shocked, you’re surprised, you’re wondering how Mitch Jay fell in love with a KyoAni show but Free! did it. I love sports anime and it’s undeniable that KyoAni create some beautiful looking shows, and Free! has been their best show yet. […]Read More

Free! -Eternal Summer- licensed for UK release

Free! -Eternal Summer- has been licensed by Anime Limited for release in the UK this Summer, after fans have strongly voiced their want for it.   Available on both Blu-ray and DVD, the release of the second season will include all thirteen episodes as well as the OVA episode, and both English and Japanese voice […]Read More

Beyond the Boundary Review (Anime)

Let me preface by saying I’m not a Kyoto Animation fan in the slightest and I was hoping that this would change my mind, so did it?   With several of their shows under my belt now, I can say no, no this did not do much to change my mind. It has KyoAni’s trademark […]Read More

Full Metal Panic! Review (Anime)

Full Metal Panic! has had a bit of an awkward release in the past with one season never making it to the West and the others having different studios working on them, but Anime Limited have collected them all together in one ultimate package!   Gonzo animated Season One whilst Kyoto Animation animated the following […]Read More