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Play Expo Cosplay Round-up

I was wandering around Play Expo this weekend, frolicking through all the retro goodness and inhaling that lovely nerd-con aroma, when I stumbled upon Lightning from that video game series that some people enjoy…only, she wasn’t whining about that sister of hers for once…   …suddenly I had a brilliant idea! If I could capture […]Read More

Preview: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is Square Enix’s final title in the divisive trilogy, featuring a more action orientated battle system, and only a single playable character this is a major departure for the miniseries, and potentially one of  the best decisions SE have made in years.      So we are here again, another […]Read More

Final Fantasy at TGS

Big, BIG news for Final Fantasy at TGS today! Fans will be pleased to see that three trailers have been released from Square Enix at TGS for Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XV each one hotter than the last, Check them out now!     Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD […]Read More

Why I will be buying Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

It is an exciting time for Final Fantasy fans; FFX/X2 HD Remake, FF XIV: A Realm Reborn release and the recently re-branding and announcement of FFXV BUT I am much more excited for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and here is why…     Let me just tell you right off the bat, I did […]Read More

Lightning gets sexy in Lighting Returns: FFXIII

In addition to the Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife costume for Lightning Returns: FFXII Square Enix will also be releasing a Miqo’te costume from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for Lightning but wait, there’s more… Looking at scans from the latest Famitsu magazine it appears that whilst wearing this outfit Lightning will strike a sexy […]Read More