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Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time Review (PS4)

I’m a big fan of Little Witch Academia, especially as I love magical boarding school-type stories, and its movies and TV series are pleasantly heartwarming, and so when a game was announced I was all over it. A 2D side-scroller is a great fit for the series, but it isn’t quite what it could’ve been. […]Read More

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time Releases Soon

Bandai Namco has announced that anime-inspired game Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time releases next month, and it’ll be launching on both PS4 and PC across Europe and the Americas on the 20th. It’s a digital-only release in the West, so don’t expect any physical copies to hit shelves.     The beat-’em-up game features […]Read More

Rice Gaming & Anime Awards 2017

The Reader’s Choice Awards are over, but why stop there? There’s still lots more to talk about when it comes to the long list of amazing games and anime 2017 has given us! Oscar, Holly, and Mitch look at the good and the not-so-good of the year for the Rice Gaming & Anime Awards 2017! […]Read More

Little Witch Academia Sucy Nendoroid Comes with Llamba Version &

Studio Trigger’s Little Witch Academia is a fantastic anime series, and one of the best looking in recent years. The excellent visual design even translates well outside of the anime, especially to Nendoroid. Alongside the already announced Akko, a Sucy Nendoroid has also been announced — her poison mushroom obsessed dorm mate!   And that’s […]Read More

Get a Look at the LWA: Chamber of Time Opening

Bandai Namco has uploaded the Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time opening movie, and it’s every bit as magical as I’d expected it to be. Don’t expect to see some unique Trigger artwork here though, as the movie makes use of the game’s in-game visuals instead.     Check out the opening video below!   […]Read More

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time Preview

We’re big fans of Little Witch Academia over here at Castle Rice. It’s a great anime with gorgeous animation, and whole lot of heart. It’s like an all-girl version of Harry Potter except somehow more anime. It’s the kind of sincere, good-natured show I’d let my daughters watch, if I actually had any I know […]Read More

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time Story Trailer Released

Bandai Namco has released a Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time story trailer, giving us a look at life at Luna Nova! As well as giving us an outline of the story, the trailer introduces Amanda O’Neill, Constanze Amalie von Braunschbank Albrechtsberger and Jasminka Antonenko as playable characters! Give the trailer a watch below:   […]Read More