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Live Action One Piece – Kabuki Play Coming October

Rumours of a live action One Piece have floated around for a while now, but it looks like it’s finally happening. Though not in the traditional way you’d expect. Moreover, in the traditional way you wouldn’t expect. One Piece is being made into a traditional Japanese Kabuki play. The play will run from October 7 to […]Read More

Death Note TV Series & Ultra Man X Simulcast on

Crunchyroll has really come leaps and bounds since the service launched, and it’s partly due to how in touch the team over there seem to be with the needs and wants of Japanese anime, manga, and drama fans. They’ve ironed out the problems with their subscription plans to make it one subscription, but they’ve also been […]Read More

Legend of Zelda: Links Shadow – Live action movie

For those yearning for a live-action Legend of Zelda, this might quench your thirst a little. Pretty sure it’s the best attempt I’ve seen so far – unless anyone can prove to me otherwise. This one sees Good Link vs Dark link – with plenty of arrow-through flesh action. It’s really very nicely done – […]Read More