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Switch’s Seiken Densetsu Collection English Release “Something We Will Do

You might remember me complaining a while back that Seiken Desetsu Collection, collecting together the first three “Mana” JRPGs, is exclusive to Japan. It turns out in an interview with US Gamer about Secret of Mana’s remake (which is heading west), the game’s producer, Masaru Oyamada, is well aware of the demand.   In the interview, Oyamada also […]Read More

Persona 5 English Story Trailer Revealed at PSX

Persona 5 may have been pushed back to early April in the west, but that doesn’t mean the hype train is going to slow down. Atlus dropped a Persona 5 English story trailer for the game this year at the PlayStation Experience that gives an introduction to the story of the phantom thieves. It’s worth noting […]Read More

Princess Arthur Gets Localised in Shall We Date? Series

Otomate game Princess Arthur is the next otome title to see localisation at the hands of NTT Solmare as part of the extensive Shall We Date? app series for Android and Apple iOS.       I remember hearing about Princess Arthur when it came out in Japan a few years ago and thinking that a Knights of […]Read More

Koei Tecmo Announce Slew of Titles for the West

Koei Tecmo have confirmed their Tokyo Game Show 2016 line-up, and have also confirmed and announced many titles for a western release in 2017. These include Nights of Azure 2, Toukiden 2, Atelier Firis, and now Samurai Warriors: Sanada Maru (Working Title).   Koei Tecmo will be showing more information about these games and other titles […]Read More

PQube Tease Image of Steins;Gate 0 Localisation

Just the other week PQube’s Head of Marketing teased that the initial Steins;Gate 0 localisation was complete, but with no images or screenshots. Now PQube have shared a first look at it on Twitter, though a fairly low-key one!     The photo shows Steins;Gate 0 running on what appears to be the PlayStation 4. It’s […]Read More

Steins;Gate 0 Localisation is Complete for the West

PQube’s Head of Marketing has mentioned on Twitter that the localisation for Steins;Gate 0 is already complete – or at the very least a first draft. It’s only one vague tweet, but it’s comforting to know that progress is assuredly being made. PQube are bringing Steins;Gate 0 to NA & EU in 2016.   Considering it […]Read More

Otakon 2015 Visual Novel Localisation Announcements?!

Apparently after AX 2015, we haven’t had enough. There’s just too many good things to keep from bringing over to the English-reading world, and we have yet again been blessed with more localisation announcements. Including more genres and some long-awaited follow-ups to favourite games.     After Anime Expo just a few weeks ago, only […]Read More

Dungeon Travelers 2 Censorship – “Content Edits Kept to a

NIS America are publishing Dungeon Travelers 2. They also published Criminal Girls, which was on the receiving end of some controversy regarding its censorship from some groups online. They said they did all they had to on that title to be able to receive an age rating, which is probably fair enough. Naturally, some people […]Read More

J-Stars Victory VS+ Interview

Koji Nakajima on Bringing Games Overseas, Choosing Characters, and Popularity Growth in the West   My head is still spinning that J-Stars Victory VS+ is coming to the west. Naturally I jumped at the chance to chinwag with Nakajima-san about it! Read on:   —   First off, I suppose you get this question a […]Read More