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Tokyo RPG Factory Release Introductions For Oninaki Characters!

I’m pretty excited about Oninaki, listing it as one of my five favourite reveals from the February Nintendo Direct. Information has been a little sparse since the reveal though, meaning that I actually forgot about the game. Last week, however Tokyo RPG Factory released some introductions to the Oninaki characters!   For those who, like […]Read More

Lost Sphear Review – Lost & Not Found (Switch)

Tokyo RPG Factory’s mission statement is to make retro-styled JRPGs like the good old days — such as Chrono Trigger, or the old Final Fantasy games. And their first game, I Am Setsuna, followed through with a short but sweet, snow-tinged, melancholic adventure. Lost Sphear is much more of a non-entity in comparison.   You take […]Read More

Lost Sphear Guide Walkthrough – Chapter 2: Fishing at Hush

Hey look, it’s a world map. It’s nice looking, but nothing really happens on the world map besides moving from one point to another, picking up sparkles, and (later) creating some buff locations.       Previous Chapter | Lost Sphear Guide Index | Next Chapter     To re-iterate, sparkle items are random and re-appear […]Read More

Lost Sphear Guide Walkthrough – Prologue: The Man Called King

Welcome to the game, the wonderful spiritual follow-up to I Am Setsuna from the small team Tokyo RPG Factory, part of Square Enix. Starting the game you’ll immediately be asked what difficulty you want to play on. Obviously, “Normal” is par for the course, but there’s “Easy” and “Hard” too.   Previous Chapter | Lost […]Read More

Lost Sphear Guide Walkthrough

Lost Sphear is the spiritual successor to I Am Setsuna, from Tokyo RPG Factory. It’s a neat little small-scale JRPG that throws back to some retro games. It’s not all that complex, and is a fairly linear adventure, but our Lost Sphear guide walkthrough is here to help you out if you get lost or need […]Read More

8 JRPG 2018 Must-Plays You Need to Check Out This

It feels like we’re at that point we get to every few years when loads of big Japanese series get their huge new instalments. The last year-and-a-bit brought us new Persona, Final Fantasy, Tales Of, and NieR! But this year also has some heavy-hitters lined up. There’s more besides, but these are the definite, absolute JRPG […]Read More

January 2018 Japanese Games Release Schedule

The new year is here. 2017 was a great year Japanese games, but hitting their stride, there’s no signs of it letting up. Glancing at the currently confirmed 2018 list, there’s some heavy hitters on the way. And it all starts this month. These are the currently confirmed UK release dates of the latest Japanese games […]Read More

New Lost Sphear Gameplay Trailer Shows off World and Battles

Square Enix has released a new Lost Sphear gameplay trailer, introducing the disappearing world of Lost Sphear! As you progress through the game, you’ll have to collect memories to restore the world! Check out the trailer below:     Restoring bits of the environment looks really interesting! The idea is a little reminiscent of Dark […]Read More