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Lost Sphear Western Release January 23rd for PS4, Switch, and

Square Enix has announced the Lost Sphear western release! Tokyo RPG Factory’s latest title will be releasing in the Americas and Europe on January 23rd! The game will be releasing simultaneously on PS4, Switch, and Steam.     Here’s an overview of the game from Square Enix: Lost Sphear expands upon many of the beloved features […]Read More

Details on Characters and Gameplay Mechanics of Lost Sphear

Last week, Tokyo RPG Factory announced Lost Sphear, their new RPG after I am Setsuna. We learn new details on the setting of the game and on its gameplay. The story sounds really interesting so far!       Kanata 16 years Old. Weapon: Sword Grew up in the Moon Bell city of Air. He is a […]Read More

Tokyo RPG Factory Announces Lost Sphear

Tokyo RPG Factory, the Square Enix studio behind I Am Setsuna, has announced their second artisan title, Lost Sphear, which will be coming to PS4, Switch, and Steam! Take a look at the announcement trailer below:     Here’s an overview of the main story: The adventure of Lost Sphear begins in a remote town […]Read More