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Luigi’s Mansion Review (3DS)

As might have come across in my Preview of this title, I have a soft spot for Luigi. The nervous, clumsy brother of the universally loved Mario is even much maligned in the Mushroom Kingdom with most denizens finding him laughable. This is why I absolutely loved his time to shine on the Gamecube, Luigi’s […]Read More

Luigi’s Mansion Preview (3DS)

Luigi is possibly the best character in the entire Mario universe. There, I said it. You can keep your Bowsettes and your (shudder) Daisys, I’ll side with the wonderfully cowardly Green Machine any time, and the first occasion we got to really get an idea of the sheer greatness of this gentle fellow was in […]Read More

11 Nintendo Labo Kits We’d Like to See

Nintendo have done it again, with a surprising and endearing innovation that nobody else would dare to make: Labo. Essentially they’re kits you use to assemble your own peripherals that make use of the joycons, from a piano, to even a little mech suit for kids. Here are 11 more Nintendo Labo kits we’d like […]Read More

Top 5 Sexiest Mario Power-Ups

Is there anything in any video game more immediately and sensually satisfying than the sound of that sweet, sweet power-up from Mario? Have a litte click below for yourself, though be careful doing it in a public space — you’ll never know how you might react!     To celebrate the announcement of Switch (and […]Read More

Four Mario Kart Clone Characters I’d Like To See

While I don’t doubt that they have their fans, the likes of Baby Rosalina, Metal Mario, Tanooki Mario and Pink Gold Peach are generally pretty unpopular choices for Mario Kart characters. Nonetheless, each new game gives us more ‘clone’ characters, and I use the word clone literally to mean another version of the same person. […]Read More

E3 2015: Nintendo Press Conference

There has been a lot of surprise showings at this year’s E3. After Sony’s and Microsoft’s conferences how does Nintendo fare? At E3 2015 Nintendo conference has succeeded to drop a few bombshells in their showing as well, but also showcased a few titles we already knew about. Scroll below to take a look at […]Read More

The Best and Worst of Mario Kart

Nintendo often gets criticised for releasing the ‘same games’ over and over again and Mario Kart is perhaps a very obvious example of that. I find that each Mario Kart is quite a unique experience and each has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. As somebody who has played through all of them (not including […]Read More

Super Smash Bros for 3DS Review (3DS)

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS is the first of this year’s two Smash Bros. games. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U comes out today in NA, and next Friday, Nov 28th, in the EU. The 3DS version is probably the 3DS game which has received the most publicity. For good reason, too. The Smash Bros. series […]Read More

Play Expo Cosplay Round-up

I was wandering around Play Expo this weekend, frolicking through all the retro goodness and inhaling that lovely nerd-con aroma, when I stumbled upon Lightning from that video game series that some people enjoy…only, she wasn’t whining about that sister of hers for once…   …suddenly I had a brilliant idea! If I could capture […]Read More