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Twin Engine’s Dororo Anime Gets First Trailer, Cast and Staff

The upcoming Dororo anime series from Twin Engine now has it’s first proper promotional video! This adaptation of Osama Tezuka’s series is a combined effort from MAPPA and Tezuka Productions with a superb team of staff behind it and it certainly shows! Check out the trailer below:   It’s nice to see some older manga […]Read More

Shoukoku no Altair Anime Adaptation Confirmed

MAPPA and Aniplex’s ‘Project Altair’ has been confirmed as a Shoukoku no Altair anime adaptation! The official website is still counting down to something though, with the countdown due to end at 9am Sunday GMT. Watch the teaser trailer below:   http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x55blg2_project-altair-cm-kazuhiro-furuhashi-x-mappa_tv   Shoukoku no Altair is a historical manga that tells the story of a […]Read More

Punch Line Review – Better Than It Has Any Right

Looking at a blurb for Punch Line you’d be forgiven for laughing it off and moving on. But, Punch Line is much, much better than it really feels like it has any right to be. It’s no stretch to say it’s one of the best original anime in recent years, and without a doubt of […]Read More

Anime Summer Season 2016 TV Guide: Air Dates, Trailers &

Mm, can you smell that summer air? No, not the smell of nature. The smell of your room and your computer as you watch some sweet, sweet, anime.  Here’s a simple and easy collection of information of what anime to watch out for in the anime summer season 2016! And where to watch it legally (as of […]Read More