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Street Fighter Monopoly and Mario Chess!

Just thought I’d give a quick shout out to a couple of videogame boardgames that are currently doing the rounds at the mment – namely a very nice Limited Edition Mario-themed Chess Set that comes in a nice tin. And, my personal favourite – the Street Fighter Monopoly set. Bagsie Chun-Li’s bracelet! 😉   To be […]Read More

Weird Japanese Mario Commercial will give you nightmares

What happens when you bring Mercedes and Mario together? Weird Japanese oddness, that’s what. The kind of uncomfortably weird Japanese oddness that will give me nightmares. Not in the ‘terrifying’ kind of way – but in the restless and sweaty kind of way I get when I’m feeling really guilty about something.    Like that […]Read More

Hands on with Super Mario 3D World

Never underestimate the appeal of a 3D Mario in HD. Don’t get me wrong, I did like Super Mario Bros U – but only in the same way that I enjoyed New Super Mario Bros Wii – both very nicely put together, but never feeling as substantial an experience as Galaxy. Which is to be expected of […]Read More

Top 5 most physically painful to play games

Sometimes games really hurt to play. Nope, I don’t mean having to suffer an evening of being no-scoped by a team of feral nine year-olds, I mean real, physical pain. Physical pain caused by one of the most sedentary pastimes known to man. Physical pain that’ll make you screw you face up a bit and […]Read More

All your NES heroes in one amazing crossover

Like my childhood dreams made real – I stumbled on this trailer for Super Mario Crossover 3.0 this afternoon and though I’d share. Apparently it’s been doing the rounds for some time and features all your NES heroes in one amazing crossover! Hit the trailer below for all the retro goodness and cameos you could possibly […]Read More

What happens when girls dress up as Mario?

I like Mario. I also like girls. When you put both together I’ll admit, I feel somewhat…. conflicted. And then, when no one is in the office, I go completely nuts and hit google image search and then just stare at the pictures of girls dressed as Mario and tell myself over and over it’s […]Read More