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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Gameplay Trailer Revealed at Capcom Cup

The Marvel vs Capcom Infinite teaser trailer wasn’t enough for Capcom at PSX 2016. During the Capcom Cup they also dropped their Marvel vs Capcom Infinite gameplay trailer, which gives us a look at how the game will actually play.     The characters featured in the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite gameplay trailer don’t elaborate on the […]Read More

Marvel vs Capcom 4 Announcement at PlayStation Experience, Sources Claim

The rumour is always fruitlessly coming up that a fabled Marvel vs Capcom 4 is in development. But, with the hype announcements at PlayStation Experience last year, and Polygon claiming multiple sources have told them that’s where a Marvel vs Capcom 4 announcement will be made, we have high hopes.   Sony’s PlayStation Experience will […]Read More