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Top 9 Outfits Which Can Barely be Described as Outfits

Level with me, readers. We’ve played games. We’ve played a lot of games. If you’re visiting Rice Digital, chances are you play a lot of Japanese games with creative character designs. But, have you ever felt that, you know, maybe, some outfits can barely be described as outfits? Join us as we look through some […]Read More

Resident Evil 7 May Go Back To Its Survival Horror

The Resident Evil franchise was one of gaming’s first survival horror series ever. Its clever brew of horror, action and puzzles made it one series that kept players glued to the screen for hours upon end. Today the franchise, unfortunately, is just a shell of its former self, conforming to the modern trends of action […]Read More

Oscar & Peter’s Gaming & Anime Awards 2015

It’s nearly the end of the year! And what would the end of the year be without some kind of “year in review” thing? Nothing. It would cease to end, and we would be trapped here forever. To put an end to this curse, Oscar & Peter bring you their gaming and anime awards for […]Read More

Metal Gear Solid VR Missions #1 – All Sneaking Missions

Our Let’s Play of Metal Gear Solid returns… in stream form. Watch our mistakes live, which totally won’t happen because we’re no rookies. This time around we played the VR missions because Peter was late. We make it through all the sneaking missions with no weapons, both practice & speed run!     Check out […]Read More

Let’s Play Metal Gear Solid #4 (Retrospective) – Just Call

This time we make it outside the tank hangar and encounter some resistance along the way! But not after having a good look for some night vision goggles or thermal goggles, before realising Oscar mucked it up at the beginning.     Warning: spoilers for the Metal Gears before Metal Gear Solid V (but not […]Read More

Let’s Play Metal Gear Solid #3 (Retrospective) – Well Greased

“There’s nothing like the feeling of slamming a long silver bullet into a well-greased chamber.” Ocelot has actually the only character with a major role in all of the numbered Metal Gear games! We encounter him in his first appearance this time, and Oscar doesn’t fare so well.     Warning: spoilers for the Metal […]Read More

5 Reasons the Metal Gear Solid Series is a Must-Play

I’m positively glowing with excitement for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. In recent months, I’ve been replaying the previous entries in the franchise, meticulously picking apart fan theories and re-watching every trailer countless times. Yet despite this, I acknowledge that some other people aren’t quite as excited as me – and […]Read More

Hideo Kojima MIA?

There has been a lot of speculation about what is happening with Kojima Productions and Hideo Kojima as the producer in relation to Konami. In the past 24 hours many official related sites have changed their content and some outright just redirect their content.       On March 4th Konami announced its executive appointments with […]Read More