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Metal Gear Survive Demo On PSN Now

A Metal Gear Survive demo is live on PSN across Europe and North America for those who’ve been interested in the game but didn’t want to take the plunge at launch, and you have until 6:59 AM GMT on 4th June to play as much as you want. You do need to be a PlayStation […]Read More

Steam Summer Sale 2017 – The Biggest Deals for Japanese

The Steam Summer Sale is back! It’s one of a handful of massive sales Steam runs throughout the year, but there’s something about the summer one that just feels so… fresh. These days, all the games are at their maximum discount day one. This can make it harder to find the mega, mega deals on […]Read More

MCM October 2016 Cosplay Montage – Rice Digital @ MCM

As usual MCM had some great cosplay! Here our some of our highlights from London MCM October 2016! Spot yourself? Leave your details in a comment and we’ll add you to the description! ^-^     Thanks to everyone who came by the stand at MCM! It was great to meet you all. A bunch […]Read More

Kojima Productions Teases New Image of Their Mascot

After Konami’s spectacular reveal of Metal Gear: Snake Eater pachislot machine, Kojima reveals a new image of his mascot with an intriguing slogan – I’ll keep coming.   It is a man wearing a mask or robot with a prosthetic face. It could even be an android. Nothing is confirmed as of yet and Kojima […]Read More

Konami’s New Metal Gear Solid Might Not Be What You

Kojima is out of Konami for quite some time and you might be wondering what is Konami doing with their iconic IPs. Konami recently announced Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater the pachislot machine.   For those of you that might be wondering what is a pachislot machine. It is an array of popular gambling machines in […]Read More

Rumors to Kojima’s Next Big Project?

There’s been a lot of talk around Kojima and his next move. What is he actually making at this time at his new studio where he is free to make whatever he wants? Aside from a lot of speculation, what we can do is just follow the trail of clues that others around him have laid […]Read More

Metal Gear Solid VR Missions #1 – All Sneaking Missions

Our Let’s Play of Metal Gear Solid returns… in stream form. Watch our mistakes live, which totally won’t happen because we’re no rookies. This time around we played the VR missions because Peter was late. We make it through all the sneaking missions with no weapons, both practice & speed run!     Check out […]Read More

Let’s Play Metal Gear Solid #4 (Retrospective) – Just Call

This time we make it outside the tank hangar and encounter some resistance along the way! But not after having a good look for some night vision goggles or thermal goggles, before realising Oscar mucked it up at the beginning.     Warning: spoilers for the Metal Gears before Metal Gear Solid V (but not […]Read More

Let’s Play Metal Gear Solid #3 (Retrospective) – Well Greased

“There’s nothing like the feeling of slamming a long silver bullet into a well-greased chamber.” Ocelot has actually the only character with a major role in all of the numbered Metal Gear games! We encounter him in his first appearance this time, and Oscar doesn’t fare so well.     Warning: spoilers for the Metal […]Read More