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Xbox One Exclusives Gamescom

It seem that each company brought out a set of awesome looking new IPs this year and Microsoft is no exception. At Gamescom I had the opportunity to try out Sunset Overdive and have a peek at the upcoming Quantum Break. Both of these titles are eagerly awaited Xbox One exclusives.       Sunset Overdrive   Made by […]Read More

E3 2014: Microsoft press conference

Phil Spencer opened this year’s E3 promising that this Microsoft’s press conference will be all about the games. The conference started with 2014 titles, continued onto new IPs and Indie games and closed with announcements for future titles. 2014   Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Brought to us by Sledgehammer Games is the newest installment in the […]Read More

Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference Jam Packed With Games

Microsoft kicks off this year’s E3 with its press conference. With just under 20 days after its first announcement, Xbox One has had a huge backlash from the core gamers. With the promise that this E3 press conference will focus only on games, will it persuade consumers to buy its new system?     This […]Read More

Xbox One doesnt need to care about core gamers

I was somewhat was disillusioned by yesterday’s Xbox One reveal. I started watching as hyped as anyone (who has used the Xbox 360 more than any other console for the last seven years) could possibly be. The first ten minutes I was happy – almost impressed – but then something awful happened.      EA […]Read More

Xbox One Revealed

After the longest console generation spanning for over 7 years we finally have all the consoles revealed and hopefully ready to launch by the end of the year. Does Microsoft’s new console leave a lasting impression especially after the hype for the PlayStation 4 left by yesterday’s trailer?   Don Mattirck kicked of the presentation […]Read More