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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Preview

I’m a huge fan and avid player of Final Fantasy XIV, and so I was thrilled that Rice Digital were invited to a the Shadowbringers Media Tour on May 17th 2019. I got to play a preview build of the game, visiting four key areas and got the opportunity to play with the jobs at […]Read More

Closers Release Date For Playstation 4 Delayed

You probably know our thoughts on delays by now. If not, we’re all for them, as sometimes the final products need a little more time to become better. So we’re not too worried about the news that Laplace have delayed the Closers release date in Japan for the Playstation 4 version of the game.   […]Read More

Final Fantasy XIV Blue Mage Job Arrives Today!

We might be a little late to the party with it, but we have recently gotten very engrossed in Final Fantasy XIV Online, playing the game until all hours of the night. As such, although we’re nowhere near the point we can use it, we’re very excited about the Final Fantasy XIV Blue Mage job, which […]Read More

Black Desert Mobile Looks Amazing

Black Desert Online is heading to mobile devices as Black Desert Mobile. In its first teaser trailer we see glimpses of the gameplay. The mobile version seems to take a much more top down perspective, but despite this still has the amazing visual details from the PC title.     Not much is known other than […]Read More

Legal Action Taken Against Dragon Quest X Cheaters

For the first time ever cheaters Dragon Quest X cheaters are facing criminal charges and legal action for hacking the massively multiplayer game. The National Police Agency’s Cyber Crime Division is investigating 5 players accused of hacking with a criminal intent in Dragon Quest X.   The five players are accused of hacking into the code […]Read More

Phantasy Star Online 2 English Version Playable in the West

There’s been an Phantasy Star Online 2 English version available for quite a while, but it was only playable from South-East Asia IPs, making the game tricky for westerners to play. There’s also been a fan translation patch for the Japanese version, which is also a bit of a problem. But now the Phantasy Star […]Read More