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Top 5 Games to Play While Eating Soup Alone on

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and putting the time in for the most important people in your life. Such as yourself, via the medium of my two favourite things — gaming and food. Food, of course, being important to fuel your gaming, and also enhance it through sensory seduction. Skillful gamers can even do […]Read More

Mobius Final Fantasy Steam PC Version First Look

Oscar takes a look at the new Mobius Final Fantasy Steam PC version. The combat is pretty good, isn’t it? The combat system is especially intriguing, though there’s still some questions as to how it will all hold together for the game as a whole. What do you think of Mobius Final Fantasy?    Read More

Mobius Final Fantasy FFVII Remake Event Starts

Square Enix previously revealed a Mobius Final Fantasy FFVII Remake event to celebrate Final Fantasy VII‘s 20th anniversary and Mobius coming to Steam. The event begins very soon, and will be available until 1st April! There’s some pretty cool stuff to be earned!   The collaboration event introduces Midgar as a limited-time region. Progressing through Midgar […]Read More

Mobius Final Fantasy Comes to Steam in February

Free-to-play mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy will be coming to PC on Steam on 6th February! The content is no different from the mobile version of the game, but players will now be able to enjoy Mobius Final Fantasy in full HD!     If you already have Mobius Final Fantasy on mobile, you’ll be able to […]Read More