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Top 10 Sexy Games For Perverts

I am a massive pervert. I don’t mean in a grooming-children-while-playing-Call of Duty kind of way. More in the way that I have a certain… appreciation for sexy games and the moe. I feel no shame in browsing Gelboru on public transport. I have four wives. All of them printed on double-sided dakimakura.     […]Read More

Boobs vs Butts – Compile Heart Lets You Decide on

Life is full of tough decisions, but none are as difficult as boobs vs butts. Compile Heart just put up a site that lets you vote for either, as a teaser for their upcoming unannounced game. The battle is close, but for now breasts are in the lead.     You can select breasts by clicking […]Read More

Monster Monpiece Releases on Steam in March

Idea Factory’s moe card-battle game Monster Monpiece releases on Steam in March! The game will have a 25% discount for the first week after launch on 14th March. There’s also an additional 10% off if you pick up the Deluxe Bundle!     Here’s the overview of the game and its features: Story God’s hammer struck […]Read More

Monster Monpiece for Steam launches this Autumn

Extreme rubbing game and Hearthstone harem Monster Monpiece will launch for PC via Steam this Autumn, Idea Factory International announced.    Originally available digitally for PS Vita, the card-battle game with light RPG elements not only offers players layers of strategy through grid-based battles, but also the opportunity to master the moe through upscaled graphics for […]Read More

Compile Heart’s Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates is Really Cheeky

Compile Heart is ready to release another game in their Genkai Tokki series. In Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates there will be plenty of pirate adventures and treasure and it seems even some oppai.       After Monster Monpiece and Moe Chronicle, Seven Pirates is going to be all about the breasts. Or so it seems from […]Read More

Monster Monpiece Review (PS Vita)

I’ve very much enjoyed my time with Monster Monpiece – a title I’ve written a fair amount about over the last year. Many of you will have heard of it for it’s… er… unique features. Features I’m not going to talk about yet. There’s plenty of time for that later.     For this Monster […]Read More

Monster Monpiece and Mind Zero out today

Personally, I’m finding the PS Vita to be the perfect console where my gaming tastes are concerned. If you’re living in the US – today is a very good day to be a fan of the more under-the-radar titles, with two nice releases in the form of Aksys’ Mind Zero and Idea Factory’s Monster Monpiece.    […]Read More

Monster Monpiece getting a Western Release

I’m very surprised that this is happening. Monster Monpiece is a Tactical Card Game from Compile Heart – perhaps most famous for it’s central gimmick, which sees you tilting your PS Vita sideways and vigorously rubbing Moe / Ero artwork to… er… ‘power up’ the cards. I have no doubt that you’ve stumbled on the […]Read More