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Exciting 2018 English Otome Games to Keep an Eye on!

2017 was a great year for otome fans, but why should the fun stop there? The 2018 otome game schedule for the west is already looking very promising! There are plenty of new titles coming up for the Vita, and we’re starting to see otome come to PS4 too. Here’s the current list of 2018 […]Read More

Cheritz Donates $100,000 to Charity With Mystic Messenger Profits

South Korean otome game company Cheritz had a huge success in 2016 with their mobile game Mystic Messenger. Now they’ve decided to use $100,000 (a bit over £81, 000) of the profits from the game’s global support in donations to Save the Children, Lifeline Korea, and Korea Sexual Violence Relief Centre.   Cheritz have chosen the Save […]Read More

Why I Will Not Cast My Electoral Vote for the

The Husbando Battle 2016 polls have closed. However, the winner will not be inaugurated until this Wednesday. This will take place after myself and the other members of the WHEC (Waifu & Husbando Electoral College) have passed the votes for our IP blocks. Even though mine voted for the P3 Protagonist, I will not be […]Read More

Husbando Battle Round 2 Part 3 (2 Matches) – Results

This round has not one but two Steins;Gate entrants! Though thankfully they’re not up against one another. Not yet, anyway. 707 is the only representative from Mystic Messenger too, so expect things to get hardcore in here. These two matches end at 12pm GMT 1st Dec, so get those clicks in!   Suou Tamaki vs Rintarou […]Read More

Husbando Battle Round 2 Bracket

We’ve put together the Husbando Battle round 2 bracket. There were a lot of close calls in the first round, and things are only going to heat up! Take a look at who’s against who below:     Both our JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure contestants made it through, and all 3 entrants from Steins;Gate!   Round 2 […]Read More

Husbando Battle Heat Three (4 Matches) – Results Announced!

We’re now halfway through the first round of Husbando Battle and things have been interesting! Persona 3 Protag demolished his competition, and Fray even managed to hold off against Pico! Voting ends 2pm tomorrow, 22nd November, so make your voice heard!     Kaiki Deishuu vs Suou Tamaki     Kumagawa Misogi vs Rintarou Okabe   […]Read More

Husbando Battle Brackets Revealed

You already know who made it through — but now you know who’s going to be scrapping with who in the initial rounds of Husbando Battle! Expect the first round to be a quick and dirty affair — your best boys rolling around in the mud, taking each other apart methodically, whittling down the competition. […]Read More

Husbando Battle Top 32 Nominees Weird Saxophone AMV

We originally made this video with the Yuri On Ice OP music and it was really good, but that go muted due to copyright so we went with YouTube’s suggestion instead. What? You think it’s weird? I… um…     Anyway, congratulations to all the best boys that made it through to the actual competition! […]Read More

Husbando Battle 2016 Top 32 Nominees

After a very…interesting nomination period, we can now announce the Husbando Battle 2016 top 32 husbandos who will be going through to round 1! We’ll add a bracket for who’s against who some time soon.   Here are the qualifiers:   – Fraser Overington – ( 283 votes ) – Hazama Kuroo (Black Jack) – ( 282 […]Read More