Nekopara Switch & PS4 Ports Announced

Neko Works have announced a Nekopara Switch & PS4 port from the Taipei Games Show. The comedic visual novel epic will be making the leap from PC to consoles in Q2/Q3 in Japan. There’s no English announcement yet, but the large series has done well on PC in English, even being available on Steam.   […]Read More

Visual Novel Spotlight: NEKOPARA Vol. 0

Cats and girls combine in the latest volume of NEKOPARA, the visual novel series where owning adorable catgirls is just another average part of life. While NEKOPARA Vol. 1 followed a man named Kashou embarking on a new career with his two loyal catgirls, NEKOPARA Vol. 0 sees a day in the Minaduki family life, before […]Read More

Visual Novel Spotlight: NEKOPARA Vol.1

NEKOPARA Vol.1, the first in a line of kinetic novels about the paradise that is owning catgirls, launched on Steam before the new year and has been holding steady on the platform’s top seller list. While some are decrying the game for it’s sexual content (not unlike Sakura Spirit), others are, well, playing it.   […]Read More