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All 21 Studio Ghibli Films Coming To Netflix

In fantastic news, unless you’re in America, Canada or Japan, Netflix have announced that the entire Studio Ghibli library of movies is heading to the digital streaming platform next month, February. The films will be available globally except for the aforementioned countries.    This is a pretty big deal, Studio Ghibli have always been mostly […]Read More

Netflix Spriggan and Dragon’s Dogma Anime Series Announced

Netflix has really been upping its anime catalogue recently, including original series such as the Castlevania anime. Now, Netflix has announced the next new anime projects to join the list are a Dragon’s Dogma anime series in partnership with Sublimation and a SPRIGGAN anime series in partnership with David Production!   Here’s an overview for […]Read More

Death Note Review (Netflix Live Action Movie)

Most adaptations you should take on their own merits, but it’s impossible to divorce them from their source material. Netflix’s Death Note had many fans concerned from the get-go, but nobody could have expected this version of the hit psychological cat-and-mouse crime thriller to be quite this bad.   Nobody could have expected this version […]Read More

Mob Psycho 100 Live Action Drama Announced for January

TV Tokyo has announced a Mob Psycho 100 live action drama series, produced in collaboration with Netflix! Kōichi Sakamoto is directing the series, with Fuminori Kobayashi as producer. Tatsuomi Hamada is confirmed to play protagonist Shigeo Kageyama, but no other members of the cast have been announced just yet.   This is quite an unexpected […]Read More

Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 News Teased For Next Week,

Studio BONES recently held a panel at Machi Asobi vol.19 where they gave updates on the projects that all five of their sub-studios are working on. Gigazine shared news that included BONES mentioning that vol.15 of the Mob Psycho 100 manga releasing next week (19th Oct) will have more information on its wraparound jacket!   But […]Read More

New Netflix Anime Neo Yokio Stars Jaden Smith, Steve Buscemi,

Netflix are teaming up with Production I.G, Studio Deen and MOI for their latest completely original anime project, Neo Yokio. It’s just a small part of Netflix’s ongoing efforts to become more and more involved with anime in the future. The anime will be a 6 episode series, and will land as a complete set on […]Read More

Netflix 3DCG Saint Seiya Anime Series Announced

Netflix is really beginning to go all out on the anime side of things lately, and has just announced an original 3DCG Saint Seiya anime series, titled Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya! There isn’t a trailer yet, but there is a nice promotional image showing Seiya and Athena:     Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya […]Read More

Netflix’s Castlevania Review (Anime)

The highly-anticipated Netflix’s Castlevania hit the streaming service recently and, at only four episodes long, there’s only a movies worth of content to sit through, but it’s an engaging journey which will leave you eager for more. It certainly leaves itself open for more, and thankfully a second, longer season has already been confirmed for […]Read More