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4 great Nexomon: Extinction tips to get you started

Nexomon: Extinction is an interesting spin on the monster-battling formula. It’s the catch-em-all experience we all know and love, but with a classic RPG feel. The game also has a sense of humour, poking gentle fun at of some of the sillier aspects of both its genres. The main thing that makes me sit up […]Read More

Most of Nexomon: Extinction’s 381 Nexomon Revealed

PQube and VEWO Interactive Inc. have unveiled a majority of the Nexomon that will be available in their upcoming monster collecting game Nexomon: Extinction. The newly released Nexopedia has given us more information on each of the available Nexomon featured in the game, including their element, base stats, and possible evolutions. Of the 381 available […]Read More

Nexomon: Extinction Gets Three New Gameplay Clips

As we get closer to the release of Nexomon: Extinction, we’re getting a closer look at some of the mechanics and how it differs from others in the genre! PQube released three new short trailers today for the monster catching game, each one covering a different area of the game. It looks like the catching […]Read More

Get A Look At 3 Regions In Nexomon: Extinction

As well as a look at 3 regions in Nexomon: Extinction, PQube also revealed a bunch of new Nexomon! According to PQube, each area in Nexomon: Extinction will have different monsters for you to fight and tame, similar to routes in Pokemon games. As you’ll see in the images below, the routes are quite distinctive […]Read More

Nexomon: Extinction Reveals 9 Starter Nexomon

PQube and VEWO have revealed the 9 (nine!) choices of starter Nexomon you’ll be able to adventure with in Nexomon: Extinction. Unlike Pokemon, you’re not restricted to three elemental types with your starter, and each of these starters has a different type, to suit your preference. The following are descriptions from PQube: Element: Water 🌊 […]Read More

Nexomon: Extinction Coming This Summer

PQube have announced that they’re publishing the previously revealed Nexomon: Extinction! You’ll be able to play the monster catcher on Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC this summer. Nemonon: Extinction comes with a brand new story, and over 300 Nexomon for you to befriend and evolve. Check out the Nexomon: Extinction trailer: PQube gave a […]Read More