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NieR: Automata World Guide Vol. 2 seems to have plagiarised

NieR: Automata World Guide Vol. 2 was released by Dark Horse last month, bringing even more translated NieR media to the West. However, as discovered by Twitter user @dadnier, a huge chunk of the book’s weapon stories seem to have been lifted straight from a fan translation of Grimoire NieR. Grimoire NieR was a Japanese […]Read More

Over 3 years after release, NieR: Automata’s final secret has

Gamers have been on a roll recently in regards to discovering new quirks of popular video games. This time, while it doesn’t involve a hot plate, NieR: Automata‘s well-hidden cheat code is just as intriguing. This new cheat was discovered by Lance McDonald, who initially shared a video on Twitter of the code being preformed […]Read More

Latest Phantasy Star Online 2 crossover is with Nier: Automata

Clearly one MMO crossover wasn’t enough, as Nier: Automata is now coming to Phantasy Star Online 2… for a price. Unlike previous crossover events where items were tied to gacha tickets, the Nier: Automata items are split into three packs with a set cost. For $34.99, you can get item packs themed around 2B, A2, […]Read More

“A Decent Amount Of New Info” NieR stream summary

The “A Decent Amount Of New Info” stream for the NieR series concluded earlier today, unsurprisingly revealing a decent amount of new info. We got a better look at the changes coming to NieR Replicant, a brief NieR Re[in]carnation teaser, and a bunch of new products were shown off. NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… Information on the […]Read More

Pre-orders open for SuperGroupies’ stylish Nier collection

Gaming merchandise isn’t exactly a rarity, though this latest collection is definitely more on the premium side. SuperGroupies create items that are based on anime and game franchises, with their Nier collection being made up of multiple watches, bags, and stoles (with an accompany pin). There’s merch for characters from both the original Nier, and […]Read More