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“A Decent Amount Of New Info” NieR stream summary

The “A Decent Amount Of New Info” stream for the NieR series concluded earlier today, unsurprisingly revealing a decent amount of new info. We got a better look at the changes coming to NieR Replicant, a brief NieR Re[in]carnation teaser, and a bunch of new products were shown off. NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… Information on the […]Read More

Tokyo Game Show will feature three Nier announcements

It appears those predicting we’d hear more about Nier Replicant at this year’s Tokyo Game Show were spot on. But that’s just the start, as Square Enix has announced there’ll be a grand total of three announcements related to the franchise in an upcoming Nier livestream. This information was released via the official Nier Twitter […]Read More

Pre-orders open for SuperGroupies’ stylish Nier collection

Gaming merchandise isn’t exactly a rarity, though this latest collection is definitely more on the premium side. SuperGroupies create items that are based on anime and game franchises, with their Nier collection being made up of multiple watches, bags, and stoles (with an accompany pin). There’s merch for characters from both the original Nier, and […]Read More

Nier Replicant remake has been rated in Taiwan

The 10-year anniversary remake of the Square Enix game Nier Replicant has been rated in Taiwan for PS4, Xbox One and PC. That means we might receive more information about it soon, such as the key detail of a release date. The news comes from Gematsu, who spotted the detail and tweeted out links to […]Read More

Platinum Are Teasing Something Named ‘Platinum 4’

Platinum Games have today launched a teaser website along with the title ‘Platinum 4’. There’s a lot of speculation on the internet on what this could be regarding, and this comes after a bunch of recent news about Platinum wanting to be more independent has surfaced.     The above is all you can see […]Read More

YoRHa Stage Play Ver. 1.3a Reveals Its All-Male Cast

I have no idea how I entirely missed this glorious set of events happening, but there have been multiple spin-off stories for NieR: Automata that have taken the form of stage plays, and now we have had the YoRHa Stage Play Ver. 1.3a confirmed along with its all-male cast.   This is following the spinoff story […]Read More

NieR: Automata 2nd Anniversary Broadcast Coming On February 20th

Very few games have dragged me into them quite like 2017’s NieR: Automata, and ahead of the release of the Game of the YoRHa Edition, Square-Enix have revealed that they will host a commemoration broadcast from their Ikebukuro Storia Cafe on February 20th 2019 from 8pm JST.   The broadcast will feature the latest information […]Read More

YoRHa Dark Apocalypse coming to Final Fantasy XIV Online!

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest 2019 is going on right now in Paris, and Naoki Yoshida has just finished his Keynote Address, revealing upcoming crossover YoRHa Dark Apocalypse.   Coming as the new Alliance Raids with the 5.0 update for the hugely popular MMO, YoRHa Dark Alliance is being made with the assistance of two […]Read More

NieR:Automata collaboration event coming to Star Ocean: Anamnesis

We have become slightly addicted to STAR OCEAN: ANAMNESIS since it launched for iOS and Android, massively enjoying the mix of absurd story, engaging (if repetitive) combat and generous stamina distribution. It’s probably our most played mobile title since Pokémon Go!, so we’re glad that Square-Enix are continuing to support the game with events, especially […]Read More

Top 6 Ways The Player Can Purposely Kill Themselves In

Games can be genuinely scary experiences, whether that be through slowly encroaching psychological means or by jumpscares or by a foreboding atmosphere. Sometimes, however, games are quite honestly just out to get you, giving the player simply too many methods to purposely kill their characters and making such an act so easy too. Video games […]Read More