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Nightshade Coming To Nintendo Switch In Japan

In otome visual novels, I recently found a genre that I genuinely enjoy and just want to play more of, and more of them being available to me was always going to be a plus with me. This is especially the case with any that were coming to the Switch as the portability option is […]Read More

Sengoku-Era Otome Game Nightshade Now Available on Steam

The Sengoku-era otome game Nightshade is now available on Steam! What’s more, it’s 20% off until April 18th, and the bundle version that comes with the soundtrack is over 30% off! Those are some pretty nice deals – you should definitely take a look if you have a hankering for otome!   About Nightshade: During […]Read More

Upcoming English Otome Games You Don’t Want to Miss!

2017 is, without a doubt, the year of otome! There are lots of upcoming otome games to look forward to, some of which will be released this year and others of which have just been announced! With such a wide variety of romance-themed visual novels appearing on the market, I thought it would be a […]Read More

Nightshade Otome Game Coming to Steam

Hyakka Hyakurou Sengoku: Ninpoujou is coming to PC via Steam as Nightshade! Nightshade is a collaborative otome game between renowned genre names D3 Publisher and Red Entertainment, featuring character designs by Teita! Watch a trailer for the game below:   Set in the Sengoku era, Nightshade follows Enju Ueno, of the Koga clan. She is […]Read More

New Project X Zone 2 Characters, Screenshots, and Info Revealed

More information has been revealed by Bandai Namco about their mega mash-up game, Project X Zone 2. The game mashes up characters from Bandai Namco’s own series, along with characters from both Sega and Capcom. Bandai Namco have revealed some new screenshots, new character, as well as some information about one of the game’s new […]Read More