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Cuppa’s 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2017

2016 was certainly an eventful year. With much-loved celebrities dropping like flies, the UK embracing a ‘Brexit means Brexit’ slogan and America hiring an orange man-child as their next president, it would be easy to write the year off as one massive, utterly regrettable, New Year’s hangover. Gamers do have a silver lining however, as […]Read More

E3 2015: Nintendo Press Conference

There has been a lot of surprise showings at this year’s E3. After Sony’s and Microsoft’s conferences how does Nintendo fare? At E3 2015 Nintendo conference has succeeded to drop a few bombshells in their showing as well, but also showcased a few titles we already knew about. Scroll below to take a look at […]Read More

New Zelda Wii U Gameplay

Game Awards 2014 brings us another cool gameplay video. Nintendo didn’t disappoint, as they showed a new video of the Zelda game for the Wii U, of which we were only able to see a glimpse of at E3. This is the first time we see Zelda Wii U in action.       Link […]Read More

Nintendo brought its new IPs at Gamescom

Despite the huge wait for Nintendo’s games during Gamescom, I managed to play two of the titles that sparked my interest, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and Splatoon. Both of these games were really fun new IPs. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Sonic Boom which I also got to “experience”, but that is best left forgotten.     Captain Toad: Treasure […]Read More

Nintendo Announcing New Hardware?

It’s no secret that Nintendo has been struggling especially when compared to the original Wii and it’s current competition. With E3 mere weeks away, is it possible for Nintendo to announce a new console despite the fact that they are skipping on their press conference?     For now a lot of sites have also […]Read More

How Can Nintendo Save The Wii U?

The Wii U is dying. Sales have remained stagnant since release and Nintendo itself has even acknowledged, so far, the console has failed to meet expectations. It may be related to the lack of software since its release, or alternatively, it may be associated with the company’s inability to market the machine and differentiate from […]Read More

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Review (3DS)

Stop asking why. Why? Because Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is as it is, ok? Why? Because it’s been like this for a while and it’s doing pretty well for itself. Why? Because its often veiled face encourages communication, learning, understanding and mastery, that’s ‘why’.     That three letter word is an itch for anyone […]Read More