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Disgaea 1 Complete Review (PS4) – Not Completely Engaging

I’m not hugely familiar with Disgaea, having some experience with Disgaea 2 and not much else, so Disgaea 1 Complete felt like the perfect doorway to this iconic strategy series all nice and prettied up on PS4 and Switch. Unfortunately, it seems Disgaea 1 Complete went back to basics a little too enthusiastically for its own […]Read More

Liar Princess and the Blind Prince Image Trailer Released

Nippon Ichi Software has released a Liar Princess and the Blind Prince image trailer, giving a little insight into the story of the upcoming action adventure game, as well as a great taster of its atmosphere and a preview of the theme song. Check out the Liar Princess and the Blind Prince image trailer below:   […]Read More

The Silver Case Bundle The Silver 2425 Announced for PS4

Nippon Ichi Software has announced that the HD remaster of The Silver Case and a remastered version of the sequel, The 25th Ward: The Silver Case, will be coming to PS4 in Japan as The Silver 2425! Take a look at the teaser trailer below:     Although the remaster of The Silver Case released […]Read More

First Yomawari: Midnight Shadows Trailer Released

We had a cryptic teaser before the game was announced, but now a proper Yomawari: Midnight Shadows trailer has been released! It’s charming and also creepy, really giving you a feel for the game’s atmosphere. Take a look for yourself below:     The trailer gives us a good look at the characters and gameplay […]Read More

Horror Visual Novel Iwaihime: Matsuri Opening Movie Released

Nippon Ichi Software has released the opening movie for horror visual novel Iwaihime: Matsuri! The game is being ported to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan in July. Something sinister is bubbling under the surface in the opening movie, but the music’s very catchy! Check it out below:     Susuhara has just transferred to […]Read More

Yomawari: Midnight Shadows 10 New Screenshots

NIS America just released 10 new screenshots for the upcoming horror Yomawari: Midnight Shadows. The game is heading to PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Steam this fall.       Yomawari: Midnight Shadows is the sequel to last year’s Yomawari: Night Alone. This time the game follows two new girls, Yui and Haru. They are […]Read More

Yomawari: Midnight Shadows Coming West in Autumn

After the recent announcement of Yomawari: Night Alone sequel Shin Yomawari, NIS America has announced that the game will be coming to North America and Europe as Yomawari: Midnight Shadows in autumn! It’s now also confirmed that the game will release on PC as well as on PS4 and PS Vita.   Similar to the first […]Read More

Nippon Ichi Releases a Creepy 360° Trailer

Nippon Ichi revealed a new 360° trailer on its website today which somehow reminds us of Yomawari: night alone. What could be a nice pleasant walk in a park at night turns out to be really creepy. Check out the trailer below:     It could be related to the horror game teased a few […]Read More

Election Rules Explained in New Exile Election Trailer

Nippon Ichi released a new trailer introducing the rules of the elections. There is only one week until the release of the upcoming Exile Election in Japan and this looks more and more interesting! “Trial” or “Election” based games are always a lot of fun, so it’s nice to get a glimpse of how they’ll work […]Read More

Nippon Ichi teases a new horror game

Nippon Ichi Software revealed a new website consisting of a short, creepy and mysterious video titled “Nippon Ichi Software New Title”. Therefore, it should be safe to assume that this is indeed a new Nippon Ichi Software horror game title.     The teaser is only a few seconds long, check it out below (no […]Read More