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Poison Control showcases gameplay in new trailer

NIS America has shared more footage from their odd upcoming third person shooter Poison Control. Based on the trailer, Poison Control’s gameplay is definitely a departure from Nippon Ichi Software’s usual output, thought there are still some familiar RPG elements mixed in. Like many of NIS’ smaller, more experimental releases, the game will only feature […]Read More

Disgaea RPG launching globally spring 2021

ForwardWorks have announced that Boltrend Games will be handling the global release of Disgaea RPG, a mobile gacha game based on Nippon Ichi Sofware‘s SRPG series. Disgaea RPG features characters from most games in the franchise, with the gameplay itself being closer to a standard turn-based RPG with no grid based movement. The game’s original […]Read More

Poison Control launching April 16, 2021 in Europe

NIS America have announced that Poison Control on PS4 and Switch will be launching April 16 in Europe, three days after its North American release. This latest title by Nippon Ichi Software looks like an odd mix of third person shooter and Taito’s Qix, set in a colourful rendition of Hell. A new character trailer […]Read More

Langrisser I & II Coming West Early 2020

I’ve been hoping for word of a western release since the gorgeous Langrisser remake double pack was announced in Japan, and here we are at last! Check out the Langrisser I & II announcement trailer below:   Here’s an overview of Langrisser I & II from NIS America: Langrisser I: The forces of darkness are […]Read More

To All of Mankind Opening Movie and More Details Released

Nippon Ichi Software has released the To All of Mankind opening movie, as well as added some further information on the adventure game’s daily flow and DLC character to the official website. The To All of Mankind opening movie features the theme song “Precious Days” by Nanahira. Check it out below:   How cute! It’s […]Read More

Best PS4 Visual Novels – Rice Recommends

The PS4’s seen a steady increase in visual novels recently, and is becoming a good system for editions collecting together multiple entries in a series in particular. Here’s a look at 7 of the best PS4 visual novels available right now!     Steins;Gate Elite Steins;Gate Elite provides a fresh approach to the original Steins;Gate […]Read More

Famitsu Shows Further Screenshots for To All of Mankind

Acquire’s all-girl apocalyptic Akihabara-set survival game Jinrui no Minasama e, or To All of Mankind, has had a few more details released in the latest issue of Famitsu after its initial reveal there a few weeks back. This game looks pretty cute from what we’ve seen so far!   The five girls left behind in […]Read More

Disgaea 1 Complete Review (PS4) – Not Completely Engaging

I’m not hugely familiar with Disgaea, having some experience with Disgaea 2 and not much else, so Disgaea 1 Complete felt like the perfect doorway to this iconic strategy series all nice and prettied up on PS4 and Switch. Unfortunately, it seems Disgaea 1 Complete went back to basics a little too enthusiastically for its own […]Read More