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Next Exile Election Character Trailer is for Issei Ninchouji

The next Exile Election character trailer is for Issei Ninchouji. Issei is a sociable young man who works at a restaurant, and the oldest of the main characters. Check out the trailer below:     Issei’s one of those characters who just seems too friendly to trust. The picture of him looking quite pleased and hugging some kind […]Read More

Eighth Exile Election Character Trailer Introduces Shihori Yurizono

The eighth Exile Election character trailer is up, introducing Shihori Yurizono! Shihori is an apathetic girl, indifferent to others, the elections, and even living. She has bad eyesight and always carries around her glasses, although she rarely wears them.     Shihori gives me the impression of main girl, and I’m sure there’s much more […]Read More

Michimune Isurugi Exile Election Character Trailer

With a Michimune Isurugi Exile Election character trailer up, we’re now halfway through the cast! Michimune is Yuuri’s best friend, and has a strong desire to protect Yuuri and Miori. He’s confident in his physical strength, but it’s not much use to him in the elections. Check out the trailer below:     We now have trailers for […]Read More

Meet Miori Himeno in the Sixth Exile Election Character Trailer

Following on from Yuuri, it’s his sister Miori’s turn for an introduction in the sixth Exile Election character trailer! Miori is the heart of her group with Yuuri and Michimune. She’s a very gentle person who hates hurting others, so she’s strongly against the idea of participating in the elections. Watch the trailer below:     […]Read More

Next Exile Election Character Trailer Introduces Yuuri Himeno

The next Exile Election character trailer is here, and this time it focuses on Yuuri Himeno! Yuuri is Miori’s younger brother and best friends with Michimune. He’s the brains of their little group. You can watch his trailer below:     I wouldn’t necessarily expect Yuuri to be ‘the clever one’ from his design, so […]Read More

Kaasha Tadenomiya Exile Election Character Trailer

The Kaasha Tadenomiya Exile Election character trailer is now up! Kaasha is the twin sister of Aasha, whose character trailer came out yesterday. The Tadenomiya sisters don’t have individual character profiles beyond their names and who’s voicing them, so there’s not much more to add about Kaasha. You can watch Kaasha’s trailer below:     […]Read More

Aasha Tadenomiya Exile Election Character Trailer

Continuing with the introductions, there’s now an Aasha Tadenomiya Exile Election character trailer! Aasha is one of the twin sisters, with an old-fashioned way of speaking and a sharp mind for her age! She and her sister Kaasha are polite towards Hakushuu, but also like to mess with him. They have little interest in the […]Read More

Second Exile Election Character Trailer Introduces Hakushuu Isumi

Hot on the heels of the first, we’ve already got the second Exile Election character trailer! After a brief introduction to Alice yesterday, this trailer introduces Hakushuu Isumi. You can watch the trailer below:     From the character profiles before, we know that Hakushuu is the neighbour of the Tadenomiya sisters and used to be […]Read More

A Rose in the Twilight Gameplay Trailer Revealed

NIS America have a revealed a cool A Rose in the Twilight gameplay trailer! The puzzle platformer game will be coming to PS Vita and Steam in April this year, and it looks adorable. Check out the gameplay trailer below:     You play as Rose, a girl with a cursed thorn on her back […]Read More

Exile Election Alice Character Trailer Released

Nippon Ichi Software have set the ball rolling with an Exile Election Alice character trailer! As previously mentioned, Alice is a mechanical doll and self-proclaimed manager of the remaining humans, overseeing the elections that force the group to choose who will and will not survive.     As ‘mascot’ characters go, Alice doesn’t seem all that annoying from […]Read More