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Nintendo New Year Sale Starts Today

Nintendo have announced that their 2020 Nintendo New Year Sale begins today on the eSHOP. We’ve listed the main highlights of the sale below but be sure to check out the eSHOP yourself for even more deals. Perfect if you have some money left over after all the Christmas sales!     Highlighted deals:   […]Read More

Best Switch JRPGs – Rice Recommends

Despite only being out a short while, the Nintendo Switch has one of the best game libraries across all the formats. With JRPGs being one of our favourite genres in this office, we put our minds to the task of deciding on the best Switch JRPGs.   Small caveat here, obviously there are a lot […]Read More

Rice Recommends – Best Modern JRPGs

Welcome back to another Rice Recommends, this time taking a look at the best modern JRPGs. With it being one of our favourite genres, this was quite a tough one to pull together as there have been so many good games in the genre recently.   As such, as a quick caveat, we’ve kept it […]Read More

Octopath Traveler Prequel Announced For Smartphones In Japan

Octopath Traveler was one of my favourite games of last year, with the world of Orsterra quickly becoming a place that I spent an alarming amount of time in. So, I’ve been eagerly awaiting a sequel, and although that is seemingly a ways off, Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent might placate me for a bit. […]Read More

Nippon Ichi Software and Acquire reveal To All of Mankind

Nippon Ichi Software has been a busy little beaver recently with news, what with the Criminal Girls X announcement, and now it has been revealed Jinrui no Minasama he, or To All of Mankind, a survival adventure game that they are working on with developer Acquire.   Acquire you might know for their work on Akiba’s […]Read More

Octopath Traveler Review (Switch)

I love traditional JRPGs, and I mean I love them a lot, so it was unlikely that I was going to go into Octopath Traveler with an overly open mind. But after playing through the incredible action-JRPG, Ys VIII, I needed something a little more comforting, but was the game the big thick, number-heavy cosy […]Read More

Octopath Traveler Sales in the UK are Incredibly Good

The UK charts for physical games has been released and Octopath Traveler sales are very impressive as it debuts at a solid third place. It’s only beaten by LEGO The Incredibles and Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy (once again), but this is an incredible feat for a retro-style JRPG that’s exclusive to one platform.   Octopath Traveler […]Read More

Final Two Characters Revealed For Octopath Traveler

In a surprise reveal from Square-Enix today made through the Nintendo official social channels, the final two characters in the upcoming 2D-HD JRPG for Switch, Octopath Traveler were introduced, along with a few other beautiful nuggets of information about the game’s mechanics.   The two final characters will be Cyrus the Scholar, and Ophelia the […]Read More