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Gal Gun VR Stealth Drops on Steam, is What You’d

Well, I certainly didn’t expect to end my day by seeing that Gal Gun VR has stealth dropped on Steam for £22.99. But it’s been quite the happy ending indeed. This was shown off as a tech demo at LA Anime Expo, and we got hands on with it, but the full thing is out […]Read More

Steel Combat – VR Mech Fighter Launch Trailer

Steel Combat is an upcoming online mech fighter for PlayStation VR. Even though the game is in VR, it plays more like your standard one-on-one 2D fighter, the only difference being the fact that you will have a full view of the arena that spans around you in a ring shape.   Steel Combat is already out […]Read More

VR Kanojo’s New Trailer Is Even More NSFW

With each new trailer VR Kanojo gets more and more steamy. The newest trailer is no exception and it is somehow even more perverted than the last. This time you will get to physically undress the girl.     The new trailer shows off everything you can do with the newly released Oculus Touch VR motion […]Read More

VR Kanojo Gets Dirty in Its Latest Trailer

One of Japan’s most popular adult game developers, Illusion, has decided to dive into the realm of VR. Clearly taking cue from Bandai Namco’s recently released Summer Lesson, VR Kanojo will offer more than just conversations.     VR Kanojo will support both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift when it is finally released on February […]Read More

VR Kanojo is Illusion’s Take on Summer Lesson

Illusion have announced a VR title called VR Kanojo for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The game appears to be very similar to Summer Lesson in concept and mechanics, but with added adult content. You can check out a (SFW) trailer below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1P4OUw5D7M As in Summer Lesson, VR Kanojo sees you take on the […]Read More

Old People React to Anime

Find out what these older people think about watching anime for the first time in this parody of Complex’s hilarious VR Porn Reactions on Oculus From Old People.     Check out more of our videos on our YouTube channel here.   The original video from Complex is here:  Read More

Future Waifus – Virtual Lap Pillow

While some developers are completely wasting their time with Oculus Rift – making first person shooters and flight sims and all that kinda crap – Up Frontier has been busy putting together a more sensible application for the virtual Reality tech. A Virtual Lap Pillow and simulator which… er… simulates what it’s like to have […]Read More