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The Top 10 JRPGs Of All Time

As someone who has grown up with a lot of video games and anime I enjoy a lot of different genres including Visual Novels, Fighting, and Action, but especially RPGs, or to be very specific JRPGs. I have enjoyed a lot of different adventures through playing these games so I am here to give to […]Read More

I Miss Beyblade: A Nostalgia Trip To The Reign of

At least the first few seasons anyway. That’s what I’m talking about here. The Bladebreakers. The OG’s. I may have been perfectly within the target market and age demographic when Beyblade came out, but I promise you, the anime, and the culture surrounding it, is one of the strongest memories from my childhood.   The […]Read More

I Still Really Want Aizouban Houshinengi in English

Now that a recent Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate character leak has sent me spiralling back into pining for a western release of Aizouban Houshinengi, I figure I might as well explain why it’s been sitting pretty on my “I still want these games in English” list for the better part of two decades.   Back […]Read More

10 Cutest Pokémon in Detective Pikachu

We couldn’t help asking ourselves after watching the fantastic Detective Pikachu which Pokémon really is the cutest? Of course, we all know they’re all cute in their own way, but some are just cuter than others. We decided to look at things through the film’s lens, and pull together our top 10 cutest Pokémon in Detective Pikachu!   10. […]Read More

Top 10 Ace Attorney Cases

With the Ace Attorney Trilogy now making the first 3 games more accessible than ever, I figured it was time to go back over the series and pick out my top 10 Ace Attorney cases. So here are the ones I consider best of the best!     10. Rise from the Ashes (Phoenix Wright: Ace […]Read More

8 Things on my Fire Emblem Three Houses Wishlist

While it’s great to have finally seen more of Fire Emblem: Three Houses in the recent Nintendo direct, there are still many questions yet to be answered about the finer details of what we can expect from the next instalment in the long-running SRPG series. That means it’s time to filter out the ‘do’s from […]Read More

Top 10 Frustrating Kingdom Hearts Bosses

If I had to break the Kingdom Hearts series down into some key components, confusing plot twists, cheesy speeches and frustrating bosses would be in there. So, I figured it was time to look back at some of the most frustrating Kingdom Hearts bosses that brought us to KHIII‘s momentous release. 10. Cerberus (Kingdom Hearts) […]Read More

Soulcalibur III Is the Best Game in the Soulcalibur Series

Soulcalibur III is the best game in the Soulcalibur series. It may seem a little counter-intuitive to claim such a thing just before the latest entry in the series releases, but that’s how we’re gonna go! Think of it as throwing down the spiky gauntlet for Soulcalibur VI to come along and prove me wrong. […]Read More

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Knows What It’s Doing with Secondary Characters

The Valkyria Chronicles games know how to make you care about the hordes of characters you can enlist to your cause, and this is perfectly exemplified in Valkyria Chronicles 4. It’s a really simple thing, but just by giving the secondary characters a little development, Valkyria Chronicles 4 manages to make you care about each individual soldier in your […]Read More

6 Games with Weird but Good Battle Systems

People are always finding new and exciting ways to change up gameplay and combat tends to be a prime area for experimentation. Sometimes it works, other times it’s downright odd. Sometimes both. Here are 6 games with weird but good battle systems.     While there’s something to be said for a trusty familiar battle […]Read More