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Teki And Nick’s Mixtape Quest Adventure Is A Homage To

Video game music historian, Nick Dwyer, has teamed up with DJ Teki Latex to put together ‘Teki And Nick’s Mixtape Quest Adventure’ that pays tribute to classic Japanese video games. The idea is that it’s the first “mixtape as a side-scrolling adventure” and it comes with some amazing artwork.    There are loads of famous tracks […]Read More

7 Series with Amazing Game Soundtracks That Deserve a Rhythm

It’s always nice to see a game’s soundtrack get recognition, which is a role rhythm game spin-offs such as Final Fantasy Theatrhythm and the Persona Dancing games fill quite nicely. But what about all the other amazing game soundtracks that deserve more time in the limelight? Here are 7 series with amazing game soundtracks that […]Read More

Fire Emblem Flower of Enchantment Arranged Metal Album Announced

Fire Emblem Flower of Enchantment is the second arranged music album for Fire Emblem. This time around the theme is “session”, with the music taking on metal arrangements. Previously Faith & Engagement arranged music from the series in a “piano” theme. There’s a preview trailer showcasing the tracks and the musical style.     For […]Read More

Tale of ALLTYNEX now on Steam

Following on from the release of RefleX in March, Nyu Media yesterday announced that KAMUI and ALLTYNEX Second, the respective first and last installments in the Tale of ALLTYNEX trilogy, are now available on Steam! Both titles come with Steam Achievements and Online Leaderboards for you die-hard bullet-hell shooter fanatics. Complete OSTs for each title […]Read More