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Persona Q2 Launch Day DLC Detailed Along With New Trailer

It wouldn’t be a Persona game without DLC, and so it comes with little surprise that Atlus have now revealed the Persona Q2 launch day DLC, along with a new character trailer detailing a certain popular heroine making her debut in this spin-off series!   This comes at a point where we have been more […]Read More

Atlus Reveal Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth Story Trailer

I’m green when it comes to Persona, with my first experience being Persona 4 Arena, and getting heavily into the Persona dancing games before the RPGs, but I did find Persona Q a very fun, if flawed title. So, I’ve been looking forward to Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth since its announcement.   Atlus have now released […]Read More

Persona Q2 Special Edition And Game Release Date Revealed

We loved Persona Q, with Mitch Jay raving about it in our review, so we were excited to hear about a sequel in the works. This was raised to fever pitch when Atlus revealed that a Persona Q2 special edition would be coming too.    Atlus revealed that Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth has been confirmed […]Read More

Persona Q 2 Trailer Brings the Gangs Back Together

The game was revealed some time ago, but today we see the first Persona Q 2 trailer and, as expected, it’s bringing the Persona 3, 4 and 5 gangs together for cross-over dungeon-crawling action. Those who have been clamouring for the Persona 3 Portable FeMC will be pleased – she’s not forgotten!     Check […]Read More

Persona Waifu Wars Winner Announced!

After many a grueling confrontation, the Persona Waifu Wars have come to an end! There were some close calls and some absolute landslide wins, and now the moment has come to crown a new queen! It’s Queen too. I guess we should have seen that one coming. Behold, the Persona Waifu Wars winner!   Waifu Wars: Persona […]Read More

Persona Waifu Wars Final (Round 6) – Makoto v Mitsuru

Gotta kind of love how the Persona Waifu Wars has turned out. It’s been really interesting to see which games have stronger waifus, and to see it come to this — a final between Makoto from Persona 5, and Mitsuru from Persona 3. In a way the new vs the old (but not the old […]Read More

Persona Waifu Wars Semi-Finals (Round 5)

Holy Persona, Batman. We’re finally at the semi-finals, and it’s been brutal. Even Chie is afraid. Because she’s out. We’re now guaranteed someone from Persona 5 will reach the final, it’s just a question of who they’ll be facing — Mitsuru, or Yukiko!     Is Waifu Wars still just about the waifus? Or is […]Read More

Persona Waifu Wars Round 4 – Quarter-Finals

The last round of the Persona Waifu Wars was probably the tensest yet! For a moment, I thought everything but Persona 5 would be obliterated — but everyone came through for some of the other games’ big hitters in the end. Chie is your savior.     Voting starts now on the Quarter Finals. Moving quick, […]Read More

Persona Waifu Wars Round 3

Round 3 of the Persona Waifu Wars is here~! We all knew Persona 5 was gonna be popular, but who knew it would be this popular? Persona 1 & 2 have been axed from the competition, so now only the strongest stand from Personas 3 through 5!     These matches are all real killers. […]Read More

Persona Waifu Wars Round 2

I’m back, and have only just finished weeping for all the Persona 1 & 2 characters left in the dust in the first round of this competition. You don’t know how hard I fought to have them included in this competition. But we must take a deep breathe, and move ever onward — as is […]Read More