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Akiba’s Beat Saki Character Trailer: “The Daydreamer”

PQube have released an Akiba’s Beat Saki Hoshino character trailer to follow-up the earlier announcement of Asahi, the main protagonist. Saki is one of the “chosen one” who bumps into Asahi at the Electric Town station, introducing him to the world of “delusions”.     She’s the first person Asahi teams up with… Though it […]Read More

A Closer Look at the Akiba’s Beat Pinkun Plushie

The Pinkun plushie is a part of our Rice Exclusive Akiba’s Beat NEET Edition. We managed to get hands-on with some of the early manufactured version of the plushie, but this should be how it appears when you get the edition! Take a look at it.     And you can buy our Exclusive Collector’s […]Read More