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Platinum Also Tease Wonderful 101 Switch

Following on from the kinda sorta tease of Bayonetta on Switch, Platinum have now tweeted a piece of art that much more directly hints at the possibility of a Wonderful 101 Switch. Like Bayonetta 2, The Wonderful 101 was a Wii U exclusive. The official artwork by Eiji Funahashi shows characters playing the game on Switch. […]Read More

Platinum Kinda Sorta Teased Bayonetta Switch

Commemorating the launch of their Japanese Twitter account, Platinum tweeted an original piece of Bayonetta artwork by Yusuke Hashimoto. Featuring her Bayonetta 2 design on a blue background, and her Bayonetta design on red, a fan noted how it resembled the red/blue Switch joy-cons. Platinum liked the tweet.     It might seem a little much […]Read More

Vanquish PC Releases May 25th

Just like everybody else, we called Vanquish PC coming to Steam this month based on Sega’s incredibly obvious hints. Vanquish is now confirmed, and follows the Steam release of Bayonetta, another Sega and PlatinumGames title. This definitely seems to point to a trend of Sega finally deciding to get stuff on Steam.     Vanquish first […]Read More

NieR: Automata DLC Costumes and Boss Fights Announced

As part of the livestream event to celebrate one million shipments, Square Enix has announced some NieR: Automata DLC, under the catchy title ‘3C3C1D119440927’. The DLC features three new Colosseum challenges and additional sub-quests you can get various cool rewards for completing. Check out the gameplay video below:     The rewards available are:   – NieR: […]Read More

Bayonetta Steam Finally Out Now in 60FPS

As a cheeky little April Fool’s stunt Sega released the 8-Bit Bayonetta onto Steam for free, hinting that this was just the tip of the iceberg. Those hoping this meant a Bayonetta Steam release with imminent were correct, and we couldn’t be more pleased that’s the case! Bayonetta is out now on Steam, for the […]Read More

NieR Automata Sales Exceed One Million

You’ve read that right. NieR: Automata sales have exceeded one million shipments and digital sales — this is something I’m very happy to see considering how fantastic it is, and that the first game was a cult classic. If you’ve not picked it up yet, give our perfect score review a read and see why you […]Read More

NieR: Automata Launch Trailer Has Us Excited

Square Enix has released the final trailer for NieR: Automata ahead of its European release on Friday, with today being its launch day across the Americas — the wait is almost over, Europe! The Nier: Automata launch trailer is the last thing that’ll release before the game, yay!   The trailer below gives us glimpses […]Read More

NieR: Automata Pre-Order Video Includes T-Shirt and…Floor Rolling

Square Enix have uploaded a NieR: Automata pre-order video featuring the game’s director, Yoko Taro, and game designer, Takahisa Taura, from Platinum Games. It certainly gets the message across, and in quite distinctive style, as is to be expected of Yoko Taro really. You can give Yoko Taro’s ‘special message’ a watch below:     So […]Read More