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PLAYISM shows off scores of Japanese indies in game show

Japanese publisher PLAYISM livestreamed its own game show last night, sneaking in just ahead of tomorrow’s TGS to reveal a number of indie titles, many of which it’s bringing to next-gen consoles. Having published games such as (the PC version of) D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die and Touhou Luna Nights, PLAYISM is Japan’s oldest indie […]Read More

Yume Nikki: Dream Diary Heading to Switch February 21st

Psychological horror puzzle platformer Yume Nikki: Dream Diary, based on the 2D horror cult classic Yume Nikki, is releasing on the Switch in the west the same day as it is in Japan, Playism has announced. And that means it’s coming on February 21st! Pre-orders will begin on February 14th, with 20% off! Check out the […]Read More

Psychological Horror Angels of Death Coming to Switch

As well as having an upcoming anime adaption, indie horror title Angels of Death is coming to Switch worldwide this month, so now you’ll be able to scare yourself on the go! You can pre-order in the US Nintendo eShop already, with European pre-orders going live on June 21st, and both have 10% off! Check […]Read More

Murasaki – Shmup and Puzzle Fusion

Shoot ’em ups have been long known for their twitch based gameplay. Murasaki tries to do away with this expectation of the genre by introducing puzzle elements into the mix.         You will be able to use the enemies’ attacks against them. By shooting explosive blocks, for example, you can chain them […]Read More

NightCry Slowly Creeping Into Launch

The developers of NightCry have released a new trailer highlighting what is to be expected in this Clock Tower successor. It is planned to release on 29th March for Steam and Playism.       A year ago Night Cry was announced as a Kickstarter project when Hifumi Kouno, the director behind the original Clock Tower, decided to create […]Read More

Touhou Double Dealing Character Review (PC)

We’ve already written about Touhou coming to the west and finally, for the first time in Touhou’s twenty year history we’ve got the honor to review its first official English release, Touhou Double Dealing Character.         Touhou Double Dealing Character is a fourteenth official Touhou game. Touhou is made by Team Shanghai Alice which […]Read More

D4 Season 2 in the Works, Playism Publishing on PC

We all had to pick a side when it came to the current generation of gaming consoles and so hearts were broken when fans of Deadly Premonition found themselves on the other side of the fence holding a PS4 or a Wii U since Swery’s latest creation, D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die was an Xbox […]Read More

Touhou 14 Launches in the West Exclusively on Playism

There was a lot of enthusiasm for the news that Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character was coming to the west when we first wrote about it. You might even say people thought it was touhou-tally radical. I sure did. Which is why it’s pretty cool that it’s out May 7th (today?!) for the fair price of […]Read More