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Natural Doctrine Getting a Western Release

Out this month in Japan Natural Doctrine has an interesting take on the classic tactical RPG genre. You are allowed free movement of your characters reminiscent of the excellent Valkyria Chronicles. As the title suggests natural selection is a key element in this game.     Natural Doctrine will be a tough game. If anyone […]Read More

Man shoots PlayStation 4 with a big-ass rifle

There are three questions on everyone’s lips when it comes to PlayStation 4 right now. 1) Is it going to break when I update it? 2) Is there anything else to play on it other than Resogun? and 3) What happens if the answers to the first two questions are unsatisfactory and you shoot it […]Read More

Sony’s E3 Press Conference Has Something For Everyone

Sony’s E3 press conference is the final live E3 conference this year. A lot is at stake for PlayStation. Are they going to be able to satisfy both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita fans, while still spending enough time on their new system, the PlayStation 4?     Starting off with the PlayStation Vita, Sony […]Read More

PS4 teaser is GO!

Just to steal a little of Xbox ‘Infinity’s thunder, Sony have released a teaser trailer – showing some blurry images and some quick flashes of detail of what the PS4 is going to look like. Not a huge amount to go on – but tantalising all the same. Let us know what you think in […]Read More

The PS4 Announcement – All the Important Bits at a

Seven years have passed since the launch of PlayStation 3 and finally Sony announced their next system, the PlayStation 4 in New York Last night. With so much detail, opinion, presentations and videos, we thought we’d put all the important bits together in one handy, at a glance, article, for those of us who just […]Read More

Kaz Hirai excluded from PS4 reveal

When Ridge Racer’s absence from today’s PS4 reveal was confirmed – Kaz Hirai’s attendance was not only deemed unnecessary, but (our ‘inside sources’ reveal) actively discouraged. After confining him to the Sony HQ boiler room, duct-taped to a folding chair, he is rumoured to have escaped, raided the (fully stocked) PS Move Armoury and then […]Read More