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Uri Geller retracts two decade ban on Kadabra Pokémon cards

Uri Geller has released a statement granting Nintendo permission to print Kadabra on Pokémon cards. The famous spoon-bending illusionist successfully sued the company all the way back in 2000 for using his likeness, and as a result Kadabra has not appeared in the Pokémon TCG for 20 years. Given Kadabra’s Japanese name: Yungerer, and the […]Read More

Pokémon reveals 25th anniversary logo and hints at upcoming celebration

Pokémon is officially celebrating its 25th birthday next February, but the franchise is already aiming to drum up excitement. To tease its 2021 plans, The Pokémon Company revealed its 25th anniversary logo yesterday during Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, which featured a troupe of Pikachu dancers. The company also released a press release asking us to “stay […]Read More

Pokemon Go now compatible with Pokemon Home

Pokemon Go, with its pared down battle system and CP, has always seemed a little disconnected from the wider Pokemon universe. Well not any longer. Now you can upload the creatures caught in Pokemon Go to the cloud-based Pokemon Home and bring your Pokemon pals from the real world into the mainline Switch games: Sword, […]Read More

This Pokemon sleeping bag lets you become a Metapod

Perhaps not anybody’s first answer to the question “What Pokemon would you like to be?”, the cocoon-like Metapod is nonetheless the ideal choice for a Pokemon-themed sleeping bag. Bandai has just created one, and pre-orders are available in Japan now, ahead of the item’s April 2021 launch. If you want to become a motionless bug […]Read More

The Gift That Is Pokemon GOTCHA!

In late September Pokemon fans were blessed with the music video “Gotcha!”, the video playing alongside the song “Acacia”, and it was wonderfully nostalgic and full of everything incredible about the series, and I want to talk a little bit about it. This video seemingly came out of nowhere and blew fans away with how […]Read More

Pokemon Go’s Halloween event includes ghosts dressed up as other

Pokemon Go has announced its 2020 Halloween event, which includes two new costumed Pokemon. Starting this Friday, you’ll be able to catch a Gengar dressed as Banette and a Sableye in costume as Litwick. Compared to last year’s version, which saw the cute Kanto starters dressing as other, more fearsome Pokemon, it seems a little […]Read More

Pet fish discovers major bug in Pokemon Sapphire

Lala, a Siamese fighting fish, has discovered a previously unnoticed bug in the decades old Gameboy Advance classic Pokemon Sapphire. Yes, a fish did it. You did read that correctly. Inspired by the popularity of well-known feats like Twitch Plays Pokemon, streamers have long experimented with new ways to experience the Pokemon series. Japanese streamer, […]Read More

Pokemon Go adds mighty Mega Evolutions

Mega Evolutions have at last arrived in Pokemon Go, providing a way for players to further upgrade fully evolved pokemon, unlocking temporary, ultra-powerful forms to battle with. Rather than using mega stones and rings, Pokemon Go has introduced a new resource, Mega Energy. This can be gathered through Mega Raids (Raid Battles against Mega-Evolved pokemon) […]Read More