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Pokemon Go’s Halloween event includes ghosts dressed up as other

Pokemon Go has announced its 2020 Halloween event, which includes two new costumed Pokemon. Starting this Friday, you’ll be able to catch a Gengar dressed as Banette and a Sableye in costume as Litwick. Compared to last year’s version, which saw the cute Kanto starters dressing as other, more fearsome Pokemon, it seems a little […]Read More

Pet fish discovers major bug in Pokemon Sapphire

Lala, a Siamese fighting fish, has discovered a previously unnoticed bug in the decades old Gameboy Advance classic Pokemon Sapphire. Yes, a fish did it. You did read that correctly. Inspired by the popularity of well-known feats like Twitch Plays Pokemon, streamers have long experimented with new ways to experience the Pokemon series. Japanese streamer, […]Read More

Pokemon Go adds mighty Mega Evolutions

Mega Evolutions have at last arrived in Pokemon Go, providing a way for players to further upgrade fully evolved pokemon, unlocking temporary, ultra-powerful forms to battle with. Rather than using mega stones and rings, Pokemon Go has introduced a new resource, Mega Energy. This can be gathered through Mega Raids (Raid Battles against Mega-Evolved pokemon) […]Read More

Squirtle features in new Pokemon ASMR

The Pokemon Company recently uploaded a new Pokemon ASMR video, “Squirtle’s Day at the Beach“, to its YouTube channel. In the video, the titular turtle pokemon splashes about in the foam, building sand piles and dodging waves, all to the soothing background sounds of the sea. I’m not an ASMR fan myself, but I enjoyed […]Read More

Pokemon Twilight Wings Comes To An End

The fantastic Pokemon miniseries, Twilight Wings, has reached its conclusion with an episode focused on Leon, the Galar champion. In case you aren’t aware, Pokemon Twilight Wings is a 7-episode miniseries that’s directly uploaded onto YouTube, with a beautiful animation style and a distinct story each episode. Think in a similar vein to the awesome […]Read More

Virtual Pokemon Theme Park Coming To Japan

Although it’s not a great idea to go to an actual theme park right now, there IS an alternative if you’re in Japan, it’s a new virtual Pokemon theme park, named Pokemon Virtual Fest. Pokemon Virtual Fest is coming on Cluster, and will allow you to complete missions with your buddies as you explore the […]Read More

An Actual Real Fish Is Playing Pokemon Ruby

In the latest instalment of totally normal news, an actual real-life fish is making its way through Pokemon Ruby. The fish, named Mutekimaru, is using a grid created by its owner in a tank. The grid is split into the different button presses required to play Pokemon, and when the fish swims over a button […]Read More

Pokemon Anime Resumes Production

The mainline Pokemon anime series has resumed production following the lifting of the state of emergency in Japan. Following on from our continued coverage of anime delays due to COVID-19, it’s nice to start to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Japan recently came out of its state of emergency due to […]Read More

Pokemon Lingerie Is Coming Soon In Japan

The Pokemon Company are collaborating with clothing brand Peach John to release some quite unique Pokemon lingerie! The collection, dubbed ‘Pokemon Girls’ will be available online from May 7 in Japan The collection will include designs based on Jigglypuff, Eevee, Sylveon, and of course Pikachu. It ranges from PJ’s to underwear, but also includes a […]Read More