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Atelier Rorona DX Review (Switch) – A Confusion of Too

Atelier Rorona DX really is a behind-the-scenes look at a JRPG item shop. It’s a wholesome game with gorgeous presentation and sweet characters that it’s hard not to find charming from the get-go. Unfortunately for me, synthesising and customisation are some of my least favourite JRPG aspects and Atelier Rorona DX really does have them […]Read More

Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly Steam Listing Appears

The otome influence spreads, with a Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly Steam listing now up! While there’s no indication of a release date so far, it’s great to see another instance of otome games becoming more accessible! Check out a promotional video for Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly below:     Here’s an overview of […]Read More

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Coming to Switch in October

With Valkyria Chronicles 4 coming to both PS4 and Switch in the west later this month and Valkyria Chronicles Remastered already available on PS4, it’s a pleasant but not huge surprise to learn Valkyria Chronicles Remastered will also be coming to Switch soon after. Perfect for anyone who gets hooked by the newest entry to […]Read More

Steins;Gate Elite is Coming to PS4 & Vita Spring 2018

Steins;Gate Elite was already announced back in May as a pretty major update to the original Steins;Gate. Now, the platforms and release window for the game in Japan have been announced. It will be coming to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, and will be releasing in Spring 2018. No news yet on a western […]Read More

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Hits the Nintendo 3DS eShop in

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop this November in Europe and North America, meaning all six mainline Ace Attorney games will be available on 3DS! As well getting a graphics update, this iteration of Apollo Justice will allow you to skip text and switch between the English and Japanese versions!   Here’s […]Read More

Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds Steam Port Launches August 24th

Idea Factory has announced a Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds Steam port! Kyoto Winds will be coming to PC on August 24th, complete with a week-long 30% discount! There will also be a Deluxe Bundle, which includes the Deluxe Pack, and a Complete Deluxe Bundle, which includes both the Deluxe Pack and ‘Winds Treasure Box’ DLC.   Here’s an […]Read More

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Review (PS4)

Following on from Danganronpa 1.2 Reload, which came to PS4 earlier this year, Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls is the final piece of the Danganronpa puzzle to come to PS4, with Danganronpa V3 releasing on Vita and PS4 from the get-go in September.   We already reviewed the initial Vita release, and most of […]Read More

The King of Fighters XIV PC is Coming, Beta Beginning

The King of Fighters XIV, the long awaited return of the series and the first in 3D, came out on PlayStation 4 last year. Now it’ll finally become a bit more open, with a The King of Fighters XIV PC release now announced by SNK. From the sounds of it, it’ll be coming quite soon!   […]Read More