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NX Preview Trailer Less Than 8 Hours Away

We have been waiting for months, speculating on the upcoming mysterious Nintendo NX console. There have been wild theories, multiple questionable leaks and even 3D print of the alleged console. Finally it’s time for the real deal.     Be among the first to discover #NX. Watch the Preview Trailer at 7am PT/10am ET! pic.twitter.com/R2QTzjyLUo — […]Read More

Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel Preview

What’s more nerve-wracking than tackling a brand new area in Dark Souls III which is capped off with a grand battle against the boss? Having to do that in a room full of people and, due to some preview save file limits, have to do it within ten tries or that’s it – you aren’t […]Read More

Tekken 7 Preview – Not Afraid to Hit Hard

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 came out in 2012, but it’s still one of the best fighting games on Xbox 360, and remains in constant rotation our machine, or more recently on the Xbox One as part of its back compatibility. But Tekken 7 is the first mainline entry in the series since Tekken 6 in 2007.   […]Read More

Criminal Girls 2: Party Favours Preview – Walkers Basic or

A couple of weeks before release we’ve managed to get hands on with Criminal Girls 2: Party Favours‘ first couple of worlds. What kind of party favours are on offer here? Are we talking basic Walkers crisps or Walkers Sensations? Well, that’s sort of the whole reason we’re doing a preview so read it I guess. […]Read More

Atelier Sophie Preview

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book is the first Atelier game on PS4, which is a pretty big deal. It’s also the first game since Atelier Shallie closed out the Dusk trilogy. It’s a fresh moment in the Atelier series, but is Atelier Sophie as fresh as it needs to be?     We’ve […]Read More

First Hour of Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious

Koei Tecmo were nice enough to send us the first couple of chapters of the English release of Atelier Sophie. It’s shaping up really nicely so far. Firstly, here’s the first hour of Atelier Sophie for you to look over. We’ll have a preview and some Let’s Play going up soon too. Enjoy!     […]Read More

Makura No Danshi First Look – Sweet or Terrifying? (Anime)

Makura No Danshi, a new romantic anime series, began airing in Japan on July 13th, where the story invites the viewer to sleep beside a male companion each week. Now on its third episode , I have reviewed the series so far and discovered that while the series intends to facilitate sweet dreams, it may give the […]Read More