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Pro Gamer LIVE at PS4 Pro Reveal – Hands On

Hey guys so stoked to be able to talk more about the Pro cross-promo for the new PS4 Pro. Big thanks live from the event thanks if I saw you there!     PLEASE NOTE, FROM RICE STAFF: For full disclosure we are not aware of any legitimate ties Pro Gamer has to the Sony […]Read More

PlayStation 4 Pro Announced – A Console For The Pro

The rumors regarding Sony’s elusive new console that promised to put an end to the age old console generation cycle have been circulating for months. PlayStation 4 Pro is that console. And while the code name Neo sounded awesome, Sony wanted to emphasize how much the new version will be for all the Pro Gamers out there.   […]Read More

Evo 2016 is About to Get Demolished by Provo 2016!

Hey everyone. I recently came into a sum of money via various legal and above board means. Not only did I want to use this money to improve the production value of Pro Gamer Season 3 (coming soon!!) but also give back to the community. As Evo 2016 is trash this year, I’m giving back […]Read More

Pro Gamer & Yogscast on Twitch at London MCM Comic

MCM was a great time, thanks everyone who made it out to see me and of course to see the trailer for my upcoming Pro Gamer recut short film that we are aiming to submit to Cannes.     Thanks of course go to all the people who have supported me so far – Tornado […]Read More

E3 2015 Predictions – Pro Gamer Insights

What kind of a gamer doesn’t like E3? Not me, the Pro Gamer? I like E3 in a very Pro way. Unfortunately I can’t make it out this year due to -personal reasons- (please stop spamming my Live Journal about this -.-;;), but here are my predictions as a video!  Read More

McDonald’s McCafé Life Hack – Pro Gamer Life Hacks

My favourite things are gaming and winning. But what happens when you apply a pro gamer’s wiles and wits to life? Me, that’s who. And here I am to show you how to beat the game. The life game. Here’s how to get some delicious free coffee, and get one over the corporations and the […]Read More