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Sony’s Big in Japan 2020 sale is now on.

Sony‘s yearly Big in Japan sale has started today, cutting prices on hundreds of Japanese games. There’s a lot to choose from, and if you’re planning on picking up a PS5 in November, this would be the best time to stock up on games. The PS5 wont exactly have a crazy amount of games at […]Read More

Our Guide To Otome Games

Welcome to our Guide To Otome Games. If you’re looking to jump in to the genre, we’ll get you started on the right foot with some brief information on what to expect from this ever growing style of game and we’ll give you some recommendations on what to play first!   What Are Otome Games?   […]Read More

Romancing SaGa 3 Remaster Info Coming Soon

Though it saw a delay earlier this year, the Romancing SaGa 3 remaster is on its way and we’ll be hearing some more about it pretty soon! Romancing SaGa Series Director Akitoshi Kawazu said in a recent tweet that the final adjustments are being made and more info on the game will be revealed at the […]Read More

Strategy RPG Blue-Winged Chevalier Confirmed For Japan

Who doesn’t love a good dungeon RPG? The extensive labyrinths, the challenge in each battle, the satisfaction of finally reaching and defeating the dungeon’s boss … Sorry, we got a little lost there in first-person dungeon corridors, especially as Blue-Winged Chevalier has been confirmed for release in Japan.   Developer Experience have announced that this RPG […]Read More

Nurse Love Syndrome Review (PS Vita) – Not Bitten by

Being somewhat familiar with Nurse Love Addiction from the same series, I knew better than to take Nurse Love Syndrome at its fairly plain, unassuming face value. Or so I thought. In the case of Nurse Love Syndrome, it turns out what you see is largely what you get. It’s got its good points, but […]Read More

Playstation Vita Production Ceasing Soon In Japan

It’s always sad when something ends, and more so when it doesn’t feel like it really got a chance to bloom as much as it deserved. So, it’s with sadness we report that it has been confirmed that Playstation Vita production will be ceasing soon in Japan.   According to the official Japanese PlayStation website. […]Read More

London Detective Mysteria Demo Available Now on PlayStation Store

XSEED Games has released a demo for upcoming otome mystery visual novel London Detective Mysteria. The London Detective Mysteria demo is available on the PlayStation Store in both North America and Europe right now, in preparation for the game’s release on PlayStation Vita later this year.   Here’s an overview of the game’s story: Her […]Read More

Death Mark Releases on Halloween in North America

If you’re pondering over which spooky game to play this Halloween, Aksys Games has got a new contender for you, with Experience’s horror visual novel Death Mark releasing in North America on October 31st! It’s unclear whether this date extends to the European release, but here’s hoping it does! The game definitely looks creepy!   Here’s […]Read More

Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk Review (PS Vita)

One of the games in Aksys’s delightful summer of otome, Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk is a visual novel with an engaging fantasy setting and plenty of intriguing mysteries to solve. Add in a small yet very likeable cast of pretty boys, and you’ve got a title that’s easy to get drawn in to.   […]Read More