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Deemo Reborn Releases Worldwide on PS4 This November

Publisher Unties has announced that Deemo Reborn, the PS4 remake of Rayark’s rhythm game Deemo, is releasing in the west on November 21st, the same date it’s releasing in Japan. Check out a new trailer below: The change from the original’s picture-book style is quite different, but the exploring mode looks like a very neat […]Read More

Summer Lesson: Alison Snow Seven Days Garden Launches in June

The latest issue of of Famitsu has revealed that Summer Lesson: Alison Snow Seven Days Garden, the follow-up to Summer Lesson: Hikari Miyamoto Seven Days Room will launch for PlayStation VR on June 22nd in Japan. Here’s the E3 2015 trailer for a refresher:     After a long silence regarding the second installment of […]Read More

Summer Lesson Physical Release Confirmed, DLC Included

Bandai Namco has announced a Summer Lesson physical edition, the PSVR game that sees you being taught by lovely girls over the Summer period. It will come with all of the games released DLC content, and no new content. Sadly, no Western release has been confirmed yet.   Esuteru broke the news on the content and physical […]Read More

Ace Combat 7 VR Preview – The Unknown Sky’s The

We recently got the chance to climb inside a fighter jet, take it to the clear blue skies, and shoot down some other planes that we were assured were “enemies”. This was thanks to Bandai Namco allowing us to check out Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown‘s VR mode in PlayStation VR. It was quite the […]Read More

Summer Lesson Two New English Trailers

Bandai Namco has released two new trailers for Summer Lesson with English subtitles. The first one shows off the “Second Contact” update which gives you additional ways to interact and adds six new dresses to the mix.       Trailer focuses on the sense of touch and will let you massage Hikari Miyamoto with bug ointment (in […]Read More

Fate/Grand Order VR feat. Mashu Kyrielight Announced

A special Fate/Grand Order event over the weekend saw the announcement of Fate/Grand Order VR feat. Mashu Kyrielight for PlayStation VR later in 2017. Check out the project’s announcement trailer below:     The game – described on the official website as a ‘Fate VR Drama’ – will centre around Mashu Kyrielight from Fate/Grand Order. You will […]Read More

Summer Lesson Expansion Pack Focuses on ‘Touching’

Bandai Namco have announced a Summer Lesson expansion pack titled Hikari Miyamoto Second Feel. The expansion adds new situations for interacting with Hikari, as well as six new costumes that are available on a second playthrough.   The two new situations involve feeding each other cake and putting medicine on Hikari’s insect bites, having an emphasis on […]Read More

Summer Lesson with English Subtitles Announced

Bandai Namco have revealed that a version of Summer Lesson with English subtitles will release in Asia in early 2017. You can watch the English subtitled announcement trailer below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbN8uUFPTXI   This is really exciting news for anyone planning on exporting the game too! While its concept is simplistic, Summer Lesson really does look a […]Read More

The Idolmaster VR Title Released

With the release of PlayStation VR, we’re seeing all sorts of game releases today! One of these is The Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls Viewing Revolution – a neat little Idolmaster VR experience. You can watch a (really long) gameplay video below:   Similar to the set-up for Hatsune Miku: Future Live, Cinderella Girls Viewing Revolution places you […]Read More